Cornish Rex Cat Facts: Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About This Cat

A Cornish Rex can be the perfect match if you are looking for a loyal, affectionate yet sociable cat. Whether you’re keen on studying animals or not, you will discover something unique about a Cornish Rex cat. This breed attracts attention with her large eyes and mobile ears that appear unproportioned to the small, wedge-shaped, narrow head and slender body. 

Let’s unleash some interesting facts you didn’t know about this unique zoomy breed.

Cornish Rex Is an Athletic Cat

Cornish Rex Is an Athletic Cat

The Cornish Rex is observed to be the Greyhound in the cat world because of her long and lanky limbs. A Cornish Rex’s body structure is exceptionally slender, giving her a deceiving appearance of being fragile and dainty. 

You will be surprised to find out this is all a ruse, as a Cornish Rex is made of hard muscle and bone, making her pure athletic and lean. Playful and kittenish into old age, the energetic cat can appear inexhaustible in her love of running, jumping, and playing non-stop.

Cornish Rex Has a Velvet Undercoat

The curled Rex coat is the most prominent feature of a Cornish Rex cat. Similar to Siamese or hairless cats, the curious-looking coat is soft and silky, with a wave-like look that slightly resembles cornrows. With her velvet touch, Cornish Rex makes the best spirited indoor companion.

A Cornish Rex has short hair features, making the curly coats easy to groom and care for. You will only need a weekly ear and paw cleaning session to prevent oils from accumulating. Additionally, keeping your Cornish Rex warm at comfortable sleeping and chill spots is necessary for parents living in colder climate geographical areas

Cornish Rex’s Origin Is the United Kingdom

Cornish Rex originated in Cornwall, England, from a random genetic mutation, where one first appeared in a litter of barn cats in 1950. The first kitten was crossed back to his mother and subsequently line-bred with Siamese type of cats.

Native to England and formed from a mutation of the British Shorthair, a Cornish Rex cat has no guard hair and awn; hence she is susceptible to environmental conditions like heat or cold.

Cornish Rex Is Extremely Intelligent

Cornish Rex is an incredibly curious, intelligent, sturdy, and energetic cat. It would be ideal for creating an interactive environment like a maze and puzzle toys to keep her entertained when you are occupied. 

As the true explorers, a Cornish Rex is able to access cat-proofed places you previously thought were inaccessible. Do not be surprised when you often find her peering down at you from the top of your refrigerator. Also, her high level of intelligence enables a Cornish Rex to be independently happy for more extended periods.

Cornish Rex Is a Social Cat

Cornish Rex enjoys connecting with people in any possible way you can imagine. This also includes ‘talking to people.’ When she is not as chatty as the Siamese, a Cornish Rex will definitely find a way of notifying her caretakers about the empty food bowls.

A Cornish Rex cat is highly involved with her parents and will do anything to spend time with them, even if it means following you from one room to the other. Not only is she friendly towards humans, but she also coexists well with other pets. A Cornish Rex also gets along pretty well with strangers.


Cornish Rex is a cat exclusively known for her outstanding curly coats and striking catchy appearance. Her main hallmark is the silky down coat with a distinctive wavy and rippled appearance that feels like velvet.

But this kitty is not all about looks. A Cornish Rex is agile and extremely energetic. She enjoys jumping, running, and her host’s company. Being a people-oriented cat, her loyalty and intense affection does not allow her to wander too far.


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