Do Cats Fart: Facts about Cats!

It’s an unexpected and funny question that catches most people off guard. But if you’ve had a dog, you know a pet’s flatulence is potent. Do cats fart? Do they produce that indiscreet, blatantly sudden sound when they pass gas? 

It’s no secret that cats suffer from flatulence. However, they display this splendid air of innocence around them that leaves you looking for someone to blame for the unexpected foul smell.

Why do cats fart?

There are many reasons why your cat may need to pass gas. Much like human beings, cats swallow air when eating. The air remains in their digestive system until it’s released through a burp or a fart.

The bacteria within your kitty’s digestive system release gas when breaking down food. So don’t feel bad when your furry animal ‘lets one rip’ that makes everyone leave the room.

Possible Reason Why Your Cat Feels the Need to Pass Wind in 2023

They’ve Swallowed air

If your kitty swallows everything too fast without chewing, there are high chances they’re swallowing air together with cat food. Depending on what they ate together with the air, the gas smell could be awful. Avoid this by giving your cat food in small portions. You can also buy a special cat dish that allows it to eat slowly.

Giving your cat low-quality food

Cats require a special diet, especially the ones that stay indoors. If you give them low-quality cat food or human food, your fur baby will pass so much wind. Moreover, there’ll be a buildup of stinky bacteria in its digestive system. That’s how the science of digestion works.

Changing Your Cat’s Diet Suddenly

Humans may enjoy eating different meals daily. But cats don’t mind eating the same food daily. Changing your cat’s diet abruptly might cause your four-legged friend to fart most of the time. It might take a long time before their gut can adjust.

If you plan to change their food into a quality meal, it should be a slow transition. Giving it a new diet in small amounts will help the kitty adapt well. A mixture of regular and new food reduces the effects of bad reactions, making your home reek bomb-free.


Most cats are allergic to weeds, grass, chemicals, mold, carpet cleaners, and cigarette smoke. So imagine the type of pongs you’ll endure from allergies caused by food.

Cats’ guts can’t process certain types of ingredients. If their meal contains an ingredient they react to, you’ll know when they pass wind. Some common foods that may cause allergic reactions to cats are dairy products, fish, eggs, chicken, and beef. 

If your furry friend reacts to any of these common foods, it’s time to start a slow food elimination process. Also, certain cheese is bad for your cat, learn facts about cats and cheese to know what to avoid.

How to Stop Your Cat’s Gas Problem in 2023

We’ve mentioned why your cat may be passing an awful-smelling gas. Here are some methods that can efficiently curb the smell.


If you want your cat to maintain its health, staying active is essential. Buy for them interactive cat toys or by scratching posts and make them welcoming using catnip spray.

Change your Cat’s diet

Ensure your kitty eats a balanced diet that’s of high quality. Make any adjustments slowly by mixing new meals with old food. Try avoiding human foods and dairy products.

Seek Medical Help

Probiotics are the best solution for smelly farts. However, consult with your vet before buying relaxants or any cat medication.


Although it’s normal for cats to pass wind, don’t ignore frequent farting. Find out the cause because too much wind could mean a serious problem. Keep an eye out for any unusual behavior.


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