300 Dog Trivia Questions and Answers

Man’s best friend, amazingly loyal, fun to be around, easy to bond with, wonderful in every little way, cute, playful, and a reliable source of security are some of the words that come to mind when we talk of dogs.

We bet you just smiled from thinking of your dog back at home and can’t wait to give him/her some warm hugs. We are guilty too! We love our dogs equally much.

Dogs are the most abundantly found animals (carnivores) around the world and are found in different sizes, shapes, and colors. They are also the pets that you’ll find in most homes, and were the first to be domesticated due to their physical characteristics and general nature, amazing fun fact, huh?

Dog Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you a walking dog-encyclopedia? How much do you know about dogs? Which breed do you love the most? Which breeds do you know of, from Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds to Chihuahuas? No matter how much you actually know, there’s always something to learn, and we have compiled some trivia questions that will help you gain that extra knowledge!

Some of these questions might be easy, while some will leave you wondering whether you really know your best friend like you thought you did.

Ready to raise your paws and answer our questions? Gather your friends and family, let’s see how much you know about your canine companion!

1. What is a dog’s most developed sense?



2 If dogs get too hot, they sweat. Where do they sweat from?



3. Which dog breed is the favorite of The Queen of England?



4. According to the American Kennel Club, what is the most popular dog breed in the United States?


5. What was the most popular dog name in 2020?



6. Can you give the name of the Queen’s first Corgi?



7.  How many teeth do adult dogs normally have?



8. What is the most commonly taught command for dogs?



9. What is a mixture of Dachshund and Corgi called?



10. Approximately how many domestic breeds of dog are there? 200, 450, 800 or 1000?

Approximately 450


11. True or false – dogs can only see in black and white



12. Which breed of dog has a black tongue?



13. How old was the World’s oldest dog when he died?

29 years!


14. What is a group of puppies called?

A litter


15. Which breed yodels instead of barks?



16. Which dog breed can run the fastest?



17. In the US, the leading authority on dogs is called the AKC. What does it stand for?

American Kennel Club


18. What breed was the oldest dog ever to have lived?

Australian Cattle Dog


19. Queen Elizabeth, the reigning monarch of England, is known for her love of which kind of dog? 



20. True or false – the dog was the first animal to be domesticated



21. Which is the smallest dog breed?



22. The comic strip Peanuts regularly features a dog. What is it called?



23. Are dogs carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores?



24. Who has the most taste buds, dogs or cats?



25. What is the name of former US President Barack Obama’s dog?



26. How many eyelids does a dog have?



27. Dogs cannot see in color, True or False?



28. What is another name for the breed Alsatian?

German Shepard


29. A breed of dog was named after its original purpose of chasing badgers out of holes. What is it called?



30. What was the name of Sony’s robotic dog, released in 1999?



31. Name the cleverest breed of dog.

Border Collie


32. In the original Monopoly game, which dog breed is the dog token?

Scottish Terrier


33. What percentage of all dogs actually sleep in their owners’ bed?



34. What breed of dog is Snoopy?



35. Legend tells of a 3-headed dog tasked with guarding the entrance to Hades. What is its name?



36. What sense are puppies born without?



37. What name is given to a crossbreed dog with beagle and pug parents?



38. Which TV series was robot dog K-9 featured in?

Doctor Who


39. Which breed of dog was once known as St John’s Newfoundland?

A labrador retriever


40.  What is the name of the dog that won Britain’s Got Talent in 2012?



41. Most dogs have 5 toes on each paw. Which type of dog has 6?

The Norwegian Lundehund


42. Which breed of dog is the most popular in the USA?

Labrador retriever


43. What breed is Scooby-Doo?

Great Dane


44. The Golden Retriever originally comes from which country?



45. True or false – dalmatian puppies are born without their spots

True – they get their spots later


46. Name the World’s most popular dog breed?



47. What is the name for the phobia of dogs?



48. Which breed of dog is sometimes known as a ‘Frenchie’?

French bulldogs


49. Which breed was once considered sacred in China?


50. Which dog breed, originally bred for hunting rabbits, gets its name from the French word for low or short?

Basset Hound


51. Which dog breed can you get in either Standard, Miniature, or Toy sizes?



52. Name the dog in the Wizard of Oz?



53. Which breed of dog is commonly referred to as a Blue Heeler?

Australian Cattle Dog


54. Which breed of dog was originally bred to hunt wolves?

The Irish wolfhound


55. What breed was Dorothy’s dog in The Wizard Of Oz?

Cairn Terrier


56.  Where do Great Danes come from originally?



57.  Name one of Simon Cowell’s dogs?

Squiddly Diddly and Freddie


58. The Labrador Retriever, or maybe better known as the adorable Lab comes primarily in three colors – what are these known as?

Golden Lab (yellow), Chocolate Lab (brown) and Black Lab (black)


59. Mexico is home to one of the most famous breeds of dog – what is it called?



60. What breed are Simon Cowell’s dogs?

Yorkshire Terriers


61. True or false, a dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than a human’s?



62. Rhodesian ridgebacks are a popular breed of dog. Where did they come from?



63. Which film did the dog called Einstein star in?

Back to the Future


64. What medium-sized working dog is easily recognized by its thick fur and piercing blue eyes, looks almost like a wolf, is famous for pulling sleds in wintry conditions, and is very similar looking to the Alaskan Malamute?

(Siberian) Husky


65.  Which breed of dog’s name translates literally as ‘curly lap-dog’?

Bichon Frise


66. Name a song that Elvis sang about dogs.

Old Shep or Hound Dog


67. A group of dogs is called a what?



68. What breed of dog has a long ‘Roman’ nose and was initially bred as a fighting dog?

English Bull Terrier


69. What breed was Rin-Tin-Tin?

German Shepherd


70. Why did Laika become famous in 1957?

First animal to orbit the Earth (not the first dog in space though)


71. Where do Shiba Inu’s come from?



72. What was the name of Bill Sykes Dog in Oliver Twist?

Bull’s Eye


73. In 2019, what became was the most popular breed in the UK, holding off strong competition from the Cockapoo?

Staffordshire Bull Terrier


74. Which breed of dog is often considered the most intelligent?

The border collie


75. Named after a stretch of Adriatic coast, a lot of my breed suffer from hearing loss – up to 15% of us, what am I?



76. Also known as the English Toy Spaniel, I got my name from my association with a monarch from the same country, what am I?

King Charles Spaniel


77. Dogs are a member of which group?



78. I have long white hair, am a toy dog, and was favored by both the ancient Greeks and Romans, what breed am I?



79. What are the roles of dogs for humans?

Hunting, protection, assisting police and military


80. The Famous Five books featured a dog. What was the dog’s name?



81. A dog of German heritage, you may say I’m as comfortable in the ring as I am as a working dog, what am I?



82. What is a bitch?


83. What dog may be the model for the traditional stone guardians found in front of Buddhist temples?

Chow Chow


84. What is an adult male dog capable of reproduction called?



85. Tintin, the comic book character, has a trusty Wire Fox Terrier as a companion. What is his white dog companion’s name?



86. What was the name of the dog that recovered the stolen World Cup trophy in 1966?



87. What is an adult female dog capable of reproduction called?

A Brood bitch


88. How long after conception does fertilization occur?

2-5 days


89. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle writes about the Hounds of where?



90. What is the mother of a litter called?

A dam


91. We all have heard of Lassie – but what breed of dog was she?

A rough collie


92. In the last 100 years, who is the only US president not to have a dog while in the Oval Office?

Donald Trump


93. What is the father of a litter called?

A sire


94. Which Disney villain wanted a coat made out of dalmatians?

Cruella De Vil


95. What type of terrier is Snowy, the fictional dog from Tintin?

Wire Fox Terrier


96. What is the number of bones in dogs?

Around 319


97. What is the name of Scooby Doo’s nephew?



98. What is the name of the Simpson’s pet dog?

Santa’s Little Helper


99. Which is the oldest dog in the world?


100. Hagrid from Harry Potter has a dog – what is the dog’s name?



101. Pluto is the pet dog of which famous Disney character?


102. Which breed of dog was Bo?

Portuguese Water Dog


103. Where does Sherlock Holmes go to investigate some mysterious hounds?



104. Which white-haired German Shepherd believes he has superpowers?



105. How many muscles are in a dog’s ears?

Around 18


106. What is the name of the pet dog in Family Guy?



107. What is the name of the dog that is featured on boxes of Cracker Jack?



108. How many colors can a dog see easily?



109. In the Simpsons, the family looks after a dog called Santa’s Little Helper. What breed of dog is Santa’s Little Helper?



110. Which dog is the sidekick to the loveable Wallace?



111. What colors can be detected by dogs?

Blue and Yellow


112. True or false – HMV features a dog in its logo



113. Odie is the pet dog of which comic strip cat?



114. Which hormone is released from the dog’s brain?



115. In the movie Marley & Me, what breed of dog was Marley?

Golden Retriever


116. Named after a famous composer, which Saint Bernard had a string of successful movies (and TV shows) between 1992 and 2014?



117. Which dog won the Best in Show 2019 National Dog Show?

Thor the Bulldog


118. How does a dog show that he is happy?

By wagging its tail to the right


119. Charles Darwin explored most of the world in a ship named after a breed of dog. What breed of dog?



120. Slinky, the dog from Toy Story, is based on what breed?



121. When does a dog wag his tail to the left?

When he is scared


122. In the cartoon ‘Whacky Races’, who owned a dog called Muttley?

When he is scared


123. What was the name of the adorable pug, from the Men In Black film franchise?



124. Which breed of dog is confident, famously funny, and fearless?



125. What was the name of the dog in Back to the Future?



126. Who found themselves trapped in a ‘glass case of emotion’ when they lost Baxter?

Ron Burgundy from Anchorman


127. What is the life expectancy of an Afghan Hound?

12-15 years


128. Rock band Led Zeppelin sang about a particular colored dog. What color was it?



129. Daisy was killed as a puppy, which caused which character to go on a vengeful killing spree?

John Wick


130. From which country does the Chow Chow originate?



131. What is the average weight of a male English Springer Spaniel?

50 pounds


132. Which artist misspells ‘dog’ and also sings the song ‘Gin & Juice’?

Snoop Dogg


133. From which country does the Rottweiler come?



134. The most popular dog breed Labrador Retriever belongs to which group?

Sporting group


135. Who had a hit song and album of the same name called ‘Diamond Dogs’?


136. What is the rank of Lakeland Terrier among the breed of dogs?

147 out of 195


137. Which artist ended up letting the dogs out?

The Baha Men


138. From which country does the Dingo come from?



139. What is the average height of a female Lakeland Terrier?

14-15 inches


140. Which band famously felt ‘Sick as a Dog?



141. From which country does the Alpine Dachsbracke originate?



142. What is the life expectancy of Redbone Coonhound?

12-15 years


143. Which English artist had a hit with the song ‘The Dog Days Are Over’?

Florence and the Machine


144. From which country does Jack Russel originate?



145. Which breed is famous as ‘King of Terrier’ due to its size?

Airedale Terrier


146. Fill in the blank – ‘how much is that ___ in the window’?



147. Which artist had a hit with Dogs of War?

Pink Floyd


148. What is the origin of an Australian Shepherd?

The United States


149. Who wrote the song ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’?

Iggy & the Stooges

150. Lobo sang about ‘Me And You And A Dog Named’ who?



151. Which sense do puppies use to find their mom when born?



152. What is the breed of Pluto?



153. How Much Is That Doggie In the Window? was made famous by who?

Patti Page


154. How many average taste buds does a dog have?

Around 1700


155. What was the breed of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s dog?

Cocker Spaniel


156. What dog breed sounds like you’re having an awful time at a wildlife park?

Shih Tzu


157. In which country is the population of dogs the highest?

United States


158. Why do dogs lick?

Dogs lick to show affection, love, submission, and attention


159. What dog breed could be confused with a permanent marker?

Shar Pei


160. Name some dogs which can’t swim?

Bulldog, Pug, Dachshund, Pekingese


161. Do dogs get jealous?

Yes, dogs do feel jealous. Especially when their owner pets another dog


162. Which dog did Darwin sail around the Galapagos?

(HMS) Beagle


163. What is the reason behind dogs walking in a circle before sitting?

it aims to push down tall grass and move away bugs or insects


164. What type of voice do you get the morning after smoking fifty cigarettes?



165. Which is the smallest known adult dog?

Yorkshire Terrier


166. Can a dog feel guilty?

Yes, dogs can feel guilty


167. Which dog owns Greenland?

Great Dane


168. Which human organ is not present in dogs?



169. Can a dog be left or right-pawed?



170. In which dog could you drive around the US?



171. Which dog has webbed feet?



172. How many teeth do puppies, have?



173.  Which dog was almost the tall guy in the Addams Family?



174. From where did dogs originate from wolf-like canids?



175. How long is the gestation period of a dog?

58-68 days


176. Which dog would have felt at home tinkering to get more juice out of the engines of the Starship Enterprise?



177. What is the average lifespan of dogs?

10-13 years


178. True or false? Dalmatian puppies are born with spots.



179. What dog is almost a chocolate boasting the tagline ‘The lighter way to enjoy chocolate?



180. The dog celebration festival Tiara is celebrated in which country?



181. True or false? Dogs can sniff at the same time as they breathe.



182. What dog breed, can have its name preceded by laser, to become a presenter’s best friend?



183. What is the average height of a female Australian Shepherd?

46-56 cm


184. What percentage of dogs curl up by their owners whilst they relax in front of the TV?



185. How many dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic?



186. What was the approximate global population of dogs in 2013?

700-987 million


187. Which US president had a favorite dog, a trusty Fox Hound, named Sweetlips?

George Washington


188. In which countries is dog meat is being consumed?

Korea, China, and Vietnam among others


189. What is the largest breed of dog?

Irish Wolfhound


190. Which breed of dog was originally bred to help fishermen haul in their nets and act as lifeguards?



191. For which disease dogs are the most important vector?



192. What breed of dog was originated in the late 1800s by Captain Max von Stephanitz who hoped to develop an all-purpose working dog?

German Shepherd Dog


193. Approximately how many times better is a dog’s hearing than a human’s?



194. From which group does the breed of dog Kai Ken belong?

Foundation Stock Service


195. What breed of dog was originated in Germany by a tax collector who needed a guard dog for protection?



196. A German Shepherd named Orient, helped its owner, Bill Irwin, a blind man to do what?

Complete the Appalachian Trail


197. Humans started to tame wild wolves and make them become domestic dogs around which period?

12,000 years ago


198. What breed of dog has the longest ears?

Basset Hounds


199. The most expensive dog ever sold was a Tibetan Mastiff puppy, sold in 2019 in China, but how much did it sell for?

$2 million

200. Which dog breed is characterized by black spots on white fur?



201. All dogs are generally believed to be descended from what prehistoric animal?



202. To the nearest inch, how tall was the tallest Great Dane ever?



203. Poitevin dogs have a great sense of smell. Where did they originally come from?



204. What does “Corgi” mean in Welsh?

Dwarf Dog


205. Which dog breed was drawn on many ancient monuments in Egypt 5,000 years ago?



206. What historical figure owned the most dogs?

Kublai Khan


207. The Tibetan lion-dog is another name for which dog breed?

The Shih Tzu


208. Which of the following dog breeds has a holy history?

Lhasa Apso


209. What city has a dog for mayor?

Cormorant, Minnesota


210. What name is given to cross between a Husky and a Pomeranian?

A Pomsky


211. St Bernard, one of the largest dog breeds in the world, was bred in the Swiss Alps by who?



212. What dog breed is also known as a Monkey Terrier?



213. Which breed of dog was known as the Alsatian Wolf Dog in the UK from the end of World War I until 1977?

The German Shepherd


214. Which dog breed gets its name from a Latin word meaning “earth” because it was used to hunt underground pests?



215. Which of the following is normal body temperature for a dog?

between 101 and 102.5


216.  What unique feature do Chow Chow and the Shar-Pei dogs have that no other breeds do?

A black tongue


217. Which species are domestic dogs most closely related to?



218. What percentage of dogs sleep with their owners?



219. A Goberian is a mix between which two dog breeds?

The Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky


220. Akita is known as the natural treasure of which nation in the world?



221. What is the official state dog of Texas?

Blue Lacy


222. What is the number of spinal bones in a typical dog?



223. What dog breed is the most common dog mascot used in college sports?



224. What is the name of the dog from How the Grinch Stole Christmas?



225. What New England terrier is one of the few breeds to originate in the United States?

Boston Terrier


226. What do we call the front leg of dogs?



227. Male French Bulldogs, for instance, are incapable of doing what?

Mounting the female


228. Pal was the first collie to play what celebrity dog?

Lassie Come Home


229. This popular dog breed was first bred by a Lord to be the Scottish hunting dog. What is it?

Golden Retriever


230. What kind of dog-inspired the character of Chewbacca from Star Wars?

Alaskan Malamute


231. What was the name of Sam Walton’s beloved hunting dog, now found on Wal-Mart’s private-label dog food?

Ol’ Roy


232. Which breed is known as the mascot for firefighters and firehouses?



233. When does a dog yawn?

When he’s stressed


234. A bull terrier named Stubby helped in the battles at Chateau Thierry, the Marne, and the Meuse-Argonne in what war?



235. How many toes do dogs have?



236. What did Lord Byron do when he was told he couldn’t bring his dog to college?

He brought a bear instead


237. Like other running animals, many dogs lack what bone, also called the clavicle?



238. Which novel’s central character is a dog named Buck?

The Call of the Wild


239. What breed of dog has six toes and can close its ears?

Norwegian Lundehund


240. . What cowboy actor/singer owned a German Shepherd named Bullet the Wonder Dog?

Roy Rogers


241. Which U. S. President’s dog ripped a French ambassador’s pants off at the White House?

Theodore Roosevelt’s


242. In what 1955 Disney classic does a cocker spaniel find romance with a mutt from the wrong side of the tracks?

Lady and the Tramp


243.  What is the national dog of France?



244. What percentage of dog owners sign their pet’s name on greeting cards?



245. What Russian physiologist famously conditioned dogs to salivate every time a bell rang?

Ivan Pavlov


246. What is the most common medical condition in dogs?



247. Who was Hollywood’s first dog star?



248. What breed of dog was Waldi, the first official mascot for the Olympics who appeared at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich?



249. Why do most dogs tend to curl up when they are sleeping?

To protect the organs

250. How long have humans kept dogs as pets?

approximately 12,000 years ago


251. Name the dog racing track in Manchester famous for the very first British greyhound race around an oval track?

Belle Vue Stadium


252. Which breed of dog has six toes on its paws?

Norwegian Lundehund


253. What is the Tennessee Volunteers’ mascot?

Bluetick Coonhound


254. What classic name for a dog comes from the Latin word for “faithful”?



255. Where do the Australian Shepherd dogs originally come from?

The United States


256. Which  Disney movie does NOT feature a dog (or dogs) in the leading role?

An American Tail


257. What Tibetan dog was introduced to America as a gift from Thubten Gyatso, 13th Dalai Lama?

Lhasa Apso


258. Canis is a Latin word meaning what?



259. How many times are dogs mentioned in the Bible?



260. Caroline Kennedy’s White House dog Pushinka was a gift from which Soviet leader?

Nikita Khrushchev


261. The closest living relative of the dog is what?

Gray wolf


262. What percentage of dog owners give their pets presents on their birthday?



263. According to legend, what deep-fried cornmeal side dish was named for its ability to quiet hungry dogs?



264. How much did the Yorkshire Terrier weigh?

4.0 oz


265. What kind of dog is a really bad swimmer?

Basset Hounds


266. Rescued from an animal shelter, Higgins, a shaggy golden mutt, played the title role of what 1974 film?



267. The largest known dog was an English Mastiff which weighed how much?

343 lb


268. What were Lyndon B. Johnson’s beagles named?

Him & Her


269. According to a proverb, what will happen if you lie down with dogs?

You will get up with fleas


270. There are many household plants that are what for dogs?



271. What dog was originally bred to catch rats?

Yorkshire Terrier


272. What islands, about 100 miles north of Scotland, are famous for their ponies and sheepdogs?

Shetland Islands


273. What breed was originally called a Wolfspitz?



274. What fictional dog is based on Charles Schulz’s childhood dog named Spike?



275. Dogs are able to thrive on what kind of diet that would be inadequate for other canid species?

A starch-rich diet


276. What famous dog was rescued from a World War I battlefield?

Rin Tin Tin


277. Unlike most dogs, the Afghan hound hunts using what sense?



278. The term “domestic dog” is generally used for both domesticated and what?

Feral varieties


279. What dog breed has become famous through tales of alpine rescues?

St. Bernard


280. What breed of dog was Rin Tin Tin, the great movie star of the 1920s and ’30s?

German Shepherd


281. Where does the English word dog come from?

Middle English dogge, from Old English docga


282. What Belgian breed is sometimes referred to as the “little black devil”?



283. In 14th-century England, what was the general word for all domestic canines?



284. What dog was bred from the Old English Bulldog and the now extinct Bullenbeisser?



285. The archaeological record shows dog remains buried beside humans how many years ago?

14,700 years ago


286. Which toy dog breed is also known as the Chrysanthemum Dog?

Shih Tzu


287. What dog breed is also known as the Hungarian Sheepdog?



288. Which dog breed, the largest of the terrier breeds, is traditionally called the ‘King of Terriers’?

Airedale Terrier


289. Which breed of dog, also known as the Lion Dog, is known for its snoring?



290. A study suggested that dogs can see the earth’s what?

Magnetic field


291. A dog named King Tut helped what U.S. President get elected?

Herbert Hoover


292. What was the name of the dog act that won Britain’s Got Talent in 2015?

Jules and Matisse


293. In 2013, a study found that mixed breeds live on average how much longer than pure breeds?

1.2 years longer


294. What dog is used to hunt gazelle?



295. What was the poetical name of the dog in the animated television series Jamie and the Magic Torch?



296. What breed had the shortest lifespan?

Dogue de Bordeaux


297. What is the French name for a Great Dane?

Dogue Allemand


298. Since 1991, the dog show Crufts has been held in which British city?



299. What is the median longevity for a Dogue de Bordeaux?

About 5.2 years


300.  What is the national hound of Malta?

Pharaoh Hound

















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