Facts About the Selkirk Rex Cat

Selkirk Rex is a large, huggable kitty and undeniably the cutest cat to pet. Similar to a Cornish Rex cat, the Selkirk Rex has a friendly personality and that is a major plus. Undoubtedly, anyone would want to curl up all day with this snugly, soft, and playful kitty. 

Let’s dive into some of the fascinating facts about the mellow and fluffy cat.

The Selkirk Rex Makes a Great Therapy Cat

Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex is a laid-back and people-loving cat that offers great comfort, laughs, and pleasant stress relief. The peaceful companion is best known for extending her therapeutic benefits to her caretakers, from decreased symptoms of anxiety to easing the feelings of loneliness and heightened abilities to form social connections.

The live teddy bear makes a great therapy cat, which explains why she has rapidly gained popularity and demand. It is no surprise you will need to be on the waitlist to get yourself the perfect companion.

Selkirk Rex Cat, Originated In 1987

The relatively new natural breed originated in 1987 in the State of Montana. It was Jeri Newman, a Montana breeder, who first spotted a curly-haired kitten and resolved to breed her with a Persian male. 

The curly hair gene being autosomal dominant resulted in a litter of three straight-haired kittens and three curly-haired ones. After several genetic mutations, a new breed named Selkirk Rex was developed. Thumbs up to its birthplace in Montana and the nearby mountain range, the Selkirk Mountains, where we find the most breathtaking natural gaze.

The Selkirk Rex Cat Is Intelligent With an Even Temperament

Do not be surprised if you find your Selkirk Rex opening doors and drawers searching for her favorite toy. The fuzzy beauty is known to be extremely intelligent, a trait that allows her to learn tricks easily.  

The Persian influence is greatly responsible for her love of a perfect cuddle, while the British short hair gives Selkirk Rex an easy-going personality. The American / Exotic short hair has also contributed to her playful quality regarding temperaments.

The Selkirk Rex Cat Has a Wavy Fur

The Selkirk Rex cat is among the four cat breeds known to have wavy fur. The other breeds include Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, and LaPerm. Her curly fur and whiskers only make a Selkirk Rex adorable and suitable even for dog lovers.

The soft, curly, plush, thick fur of this friendly cat is not only unusual but is also nearly irresistible. Mostly, the short-haired breed is described as a ‘teddy bear cat’, whereas the long-haired is often linked to a ‘wooly sheep.’

Although the curly-haired gene is dominant, it is normal for some Selkirks to be born with no ringlets.  

The Selkirk Rex Cat Is Available in Different Shades

There is an array of options to choose from when adopting a Selkirk Rex cat. Her curly signature coats can either be short hair or long hair and in various colors, including white, black, lavender, red, cream, and chocolate, with different patterns.

American Cat Fanciers’ Association recognizes 95 coat colors and patterns of the Selkirk Rex breed. Some patterns include; bi-color, tabby, tri-color/ calico, and color point. 


Selkirk Rex cat is the newest cat breed that gained traction for her unusual and outstanding curly fur, making her easily noticed. The naturally social, gentle, and calm soul wants nothing but your companionship. 

Additionally, Selkirk Rex’s luxurious coat makes her perfect for cuddling, and she is incredibly easy to groom. The breed is a good fit for any individual or family that will provide her with a forever home and give her undivided attention, as a Selkirk Rex’s personality and coat type require extra care.


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