Fashion Trivia Questions And Answers

“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” —Carrie Bradshaw. I don’t know about you, but Carrie already said she prefers hers in her closet.

There’s fashion all around us, in the streets, offices, churches, parties, and even in the movies we watch.  How involved you are with matters of fashion? Are you keeping up with the latest trends? Which celebrity do you look up to for fashion tips?

Fashion Trivia Quiz Games

Most pairs of jeans come with 5 what? What is Coco Channel’s first name? Maybe you’ve never paid attention to what most pairs of jeans come with. Yes, there’s a specific number. 

Who designed Lady Gaga’s meat dress that she wore to the 2010 Music Video Awards? The fashion label initial “DKNY” stands for? You’ve probably heard of “DKNY” or even worn it, any idea what those initials mean?

Check out these and more fashion trivia questions and facts to see how good you are in the world of fashion.

Let’s see if you’d make a good fashion cop.

Fashion trivia quiz questions

  • Who murdered Gianni Versace?

    Andrew Cunanan

  • What are the names behind the Australian design duo Sass & Bide?

    Sarah Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton

  • Who wrote the book, "Gianni Versace: Fashion's Last Emperor"?

    Lowri Turner

  • Which British fashion designer, born in Blackheath, Kent, England in 1934, was responsible for the the mini-skirt's huge success during the 1960s?

    Mary Quant

  • For fifteen years (1997-2012), who was the creative director for Italian label Balenciaga?

    Nicolas Ghesquière

  • In what year did the Palazzo Versace open its doors to the public?


  • This young American designer is as famous for the fact that she once dated comedian Jerry Seinfeld as she is for her clothing designs. Do you know her name?

    Shoshanna Lonstein (Gruss)

  • Irish born designer Philip Treacy is primarily known for creating which of these fashion accessories?


  • Elizabeth Hurley infamously wore a black dress held together by safety pins. What Italian fashion brand was the dress created by?


  • Giorgio Armani, is considered one of the greatest Italian fashion designers and is particularly well known

    Men’s suits

  • Finish the title to her first book, "Vera Wang on __" (2001)?


  • David and Elizabeth Emanuel hit the headlines when they designed the wedding dress for which Royal bride?

    Lady Diana Spencer

  • Celebrities Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Uma Thurman have all been married wearing gowns designed by?

    Vera Wang

  • Who was Gianni's companion at the time of his death?

    Antonio D’Amico

  • She is a well-known American singer who began her clothing line L.A.M.B. in 2003. She is the mother of two boys and is married to a British singer. Who is this "Hollaback Girl?"

    Gwen Stefani

  • What was the real first name of French fashion designer Coco Chanel?


  • Which fashion designer, famous for his rock and punk-inspired creations, committed suicide days after his mother died?

    Alexander McQueen

  • In 1995, which Italian designer created the wardrobes for the films "Judge Dredd" and "Showgirls", before being murdered on the steps of his Miami Beach home in 1997?

    Gianni Versace

  • What famous Olympic skater wore one of Vera's designs at the 1994 Olympics?

    Nancy Kerrigan

  • Shoe designer Manolo Blahnik was born in which country?


  • Which of the following fashion designers is often associated with the increase in popularity of the polo-style shirt?

    Ralph Lauren

  • What is the title of Gianni's first book published?


  • Which fashion designer was favoured by Queen Elizabeth II and was her official dressmaker from 1950 until 1990?

    Hardy Amies

  • Which one of these famous French clothing designers became wildly popular when he released his "New Look" designs in 1947?

    Christian Dior

  • Elsa Schiaparelli married her Theosophist husband William de Wendt de Kerlor who promptly abandoned her when their daughter was born. In 1922 she found herself alone in Paris. Her sickly daughter was in a Swiss boarding school and her lover had just died from meningitis. What was the signature item of clothing she managed to produce in these difficult times that opened the door to her future?

    A black sweater

  • Who played Gianni Versace in the movie, "The Versace Murder" (1998)?

    Franco Nero

  • Not only is he a distinguished French fashion designer but he's also a Count. He launched the famous fashion house that bears his name in 1952. What is the name of this French designer?

    Hubert de Givenchy

  • Former pop star Victoria Beckham branched out into fashion design in the mid 2000s. She made her name as a member of which all female group?

    Spice Girls

  • John Galliano was fired after making an anti-Semitic remark in 2011. What company was he working for as head designer at the time?


  • Which of these American clothing designers was known for his racy and somewhat decadent television commercials that included stars such as Brooke Shields and Mark Wahlberg?

    Calvin Klein

  • What is the date of Gianni Versace's birth?

    December 2, 1946

  • Where was Vera born?

    New York

  • Elsa was born in Rome in 1890. She was determined to shock her world from the beginning and while still young she attended a ball - not wearing a dress but wrapped only in fabric. What then happened that caused quite a commotion?

    The fabric began to unravel.

  • Junior Drake is the name of this company which designs beautiful and affordable handbags. The company was launched in 1994 as a tribute to an actress by her son. Who is the actress for whom the company was named?

    Patsy Brown

  • Following the death of Gianni in 1997, his sister Donatella took over as creative director of his fashion business. What is their shared surname, which is also the name by which the business is known?


  • Which famous female designer is renowned for designing her signature wrap dresses?

    Diane von Furstenberg

  • Which designer is often credited with idea of the necessity of the "little black dress"?

    Coco Chanel

  • Which designer is famous for the wrap dress silhouette?
    1. Diane Von Furstenberg
  • In 1993, supermodel Naomi Campbell famously tripped over her tall platform shoes and fell over on the catwalk. Which designer's fashion show was she walking in?

    Vivienne Westwood

  • Kim Kardashian-West has shared snaps of her extravagant handbag room, filled with expensive Hermès Birkin bags. What British actress and singer are these famous bags with six-figure price tags named after?
    1. Jane Birkin
  • Who designed Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress that she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards?
    1. Franc Fernandez
  • In The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep plays a formidable Editor of fictional Runway magazine. What is her character’s name?
    1. Miranda Priestly
  • For her stunning debut in 2009 as First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama wore a one-shouldered ivory ball gown covered in rosettes. Who designed it?
    1. Jason Wu
  • What phrase did Hailey Bieber’s dramatic wedding veil have stitched into it?

    “Till death do us part”

  • French fashion designer Coco Chanel debuted her iconic 'No. 5' perfume in what year?
    1. 1921
  • In Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn’s character, Holly Golightly, wears an iconic black dress designed by Hubert de Givenchy. When the dress was auctioned off in 2006, roughly how much was the winning bid (in US dollars)?
    1. $900,000
  • At the 2000 Grammy Awards, Jennifer Lopez wore an daring green sheer dress with a neckline slashed below her navel. Twenty years later, she wore a reimagined version of the dress on the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week. Which brand designed the iconic dress?
    1. Versace
  • Who is the Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue?
    1. Edward Enninful
  • Kim Kardashian created her own line of shapewear and underwear that mimics her bodycon, monochromatic style - what is her line called?
    1. Skims
  • Which young Central Saint Martins designer shot to fame after Harry Styles wore several of their creations on tour, and then in Harry's “Lights Up” music video?
    1. Harris Reed
  • In Season four of Gossip Girl, Jenny Humphrey has in important interview with a famous American fashion consultant and TV personality, but Chuck Bass steals her portfolio. Who was Jenny’s interview with?
    1. Tim Gunn
  • Two Spice Girls had cameos in the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous – who were they?
    1. Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell
  • Which Sex and the City character said the following? “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”
    1. Carrie Bradshaw
  • Meghan Markle’s wedding dress was from which French fashion house?
    1. Givenchy
  • Which fashion designer said this famous quote? “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
    1. Coco Chanel
  • At the 2015 Met Gala, Rihanna wore a jaw-dropping yellow cape with a long train, famously dubbed “the omelette dress.” How many feet long was the train? (Point goes to the closest guess)
    1. 16 feet
  • At which fashion magazine did Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port intern on The Hills?
    1. Teen Vogue
  • In the 1990s which supermodel famously fell over on the catwalk while wearing a pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes?
    1. Naomi Campbell
  • What is the name of a brooch or ring with a portrait profile carved in relief?
    1. Cameo
  • Fashion retailer H&M was founded in which European country?
    1. Sweden
  • What was the Met Gala's theme 2020 before it was postponed indefinitely because of the coronavirus pandemic?
    1. About Time: Fashion And Duration
  • Who performed at the Victoria Secret Fashion show in 2018?
    1. Shawn Mendes, Rita Ora, The Chainsmokers, Bebe Rexha, Halsey, Leela James, Kelsea Ballerini, and The Struts
  • How many times is London Fashion Week held each year and when?
    1. Twice, February and September
  • What do you call the diamond shape pattern often seen on socks?
    1. Argyle
  • What name is given to a type of cloak, originating in South America, which resembles a blanket with a central hole for the head?
    1. Poncho
  • Which fashion designer was shot and killed in Miami, Florida in 1997?
    1. Gianni Versace
  • What is the name of the dark green precious stone which is used to make ornaments?
    1. Jade
  • What is the name of the dark green precious stone which is used to make ornaments?
    1. Jade
  • Who is Anna Wintour?
    1. Editor-in-chief of Vogue
  • What is the name of a clergymen’s long outer garment?
    1. Cassock
  • Name a clothing shop on Sidney Street, Cambridge
    1. There are many more but answers include Oliver Bonas, Jack Wills, M&S, Next, Monsoon, Joules, The Edinburgh Woollen Mill, The Dr. Martens Store
  • What is the forerunner to the modern necktie? It's a short, wide strip of fabric worn around the neck and tucked inside an open-necked shirt
    1. Cravat
  • Who designed Victoria Beckham’s wedding dress?
    1. Vivienne Westwood
  • Which British luxury brand has a logo featuring an equestrian knight and the Latin word ‘Prorsum’?
    1. Burberry
  • What street in London is famous for traditional men's bespoke tailoring?
    1. Savile Row
  • Red-soled shoes are the signature of which fashion designer?
    1. Christian Louboutin
  • The Kelly Bag was named after which Hollywood actress?
    1. Grace Kelly
  • What does the French phrase ‘prêt à porter’ mean?
    1. Ready to wear
  • Who designed the apparel for the United Kingdom's 2012 Olympic teams?
    1. Stella McCartney
  • The four fashion capitals of the 20th century were considered to be Paris, London, New York and which other missing city?
    1. Milan
  • What is the name of the kind of pouch which Scotsmen wear in front of their kilts?


  • What nationality is model Gisele Bundchen?
    1. Brazilian
  • What is Coco Chanel's real first name?
    1. Gabrielle
  • Which French luxury leather goods company has a jockey riding a horse as their logo?
    1. Longchamp
  • What German creative director and fashion designer died last year? He was associated with Chanel, Fendi and his own label.
    1. Karl Lagerfeld
  • Who designed Kate Middleton's wedding dress?
    1. Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen
  • What do you call women's knee-length trousers that are cut with full legs to look like a skirt?
    1. Culottes
  • What was actress Drew Barrymore's given name at birth?
    Andrew Barrymore
  • According to the book and movie titles, what designer line does the devil wear?
  • Which "Project Runway" judge once worked in public relations for Perry Ellis?
    Nina Garcia
  • What color of disco suit did John Travolta originally want for "Saturday Night Fever"?
  • Polo, Chaps and Club Monaco are all divisions of what company?
    Ralph Lauren
  • What type of headgear is a "Stetson"?
    Cowboy Hat
  • Most pairs of jeans come with five of what?


  • Which animal was part of the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans logo?


  • In the teen fashion world, what is "Hard Candy"?
  • According to the commercial, what is the "fabric of our lives"?
  • Ties made of which delicate fabric must be stored on tie racks?
  • What are the decorative snap-on charms that fit in the holes of "Crocs"?
  • What fashion fad did the 1983 film "Flashdance" make popular?
    Leg Warmers
  • A fiber made of two or more mixed fibers is called what?

    A Blend

  • What is a snug, usually brimless cap called?
  • A kimono would be worn by a person from where?
  • For the fashion label "DKNY", the initials stand for what?
    Donna Karan New York
  • Prada sold their stake in Gucci to what fashion company?
    Louis Vuitton
  • What is a Spanish canvas sandal decorated with rope called?


  • What was an early necktie knot called?
    Four In Hand
  • Skully, "toboggan" and "ski cap" are all names for what sort of headgear?
    Watch Cap
  • Which music mogul was involved in creating RocaWear?
  • Where was shoe manufacturer Reebok founded?
    Bolton, England
  • What does the French fashion term "pret a porter" translate to in English?
    Ready To Wear
  • What clothing line did a young Brad Pitt model for?


  • What do you call an outfit that is worn by all members of the same specific company or team?
  • Which animated movie villain wore a black dress and long coat of Dalmatian-spotted fur?
    Cruella De Vil
  • Parka, trench, bomber and pea are types of what winter outerwear?
  • What fabric was most popular for 1970's leisure suits?
  • What are the long, hanging flaps on the back of a tuxedo jacket?


  • Which common tie knot produces a solid, large triangular shape?
  • Which supermodel once broke her back in a horse riding accident?
    Angie Everhart
  • Who was the founder and head designer of Ecko clothing?
    Marc Ecko
  • Which American boot maker was founded in Natick, Massachusetts in 1883?
    H.H. Brown
  • The fashion icon born in 1939 as Ralph Lifshitz is better known as what?
    Ralph Lauren
  • Dolce & Gabbana's Domenico Dolce got his start in whose clothing factory?
    His Father’s
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