Weird Fun Facts

If you are looking to share some knowledge with your family or friends on anything out there – from kids and Halloween, to earth and history, to kids and animals, and everything in between – we’ve got fun facts galore.

Some are quirky; some are cool; some are weird; some are wonderful; while others are totally useless. But one thing you’ll notice – all of them are so irresistible; you’ll likely tell everyone you meet.

Daily Fun Facts – 2022 – 2023

Did you know that hot chocolate tastes much better out of an orange cup? Yup! Something more interesting is that Canada is half forest and actually accounts for about 10% of all forests in the entire world. Surprised, huh? Well, there are more incredible “did you know” fun facts that you’ll love in our list of categories.

Yes, the universe is a weird, fascinating place. So, let’s see if your buddies have a clue any of the facts we have covered existed.

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