History Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

So, how well do you know your history? Why don’t you challenge yourself with our US history trivia questions among many other places to see how much you know about the world around you? Among other things, you may learn some new facts and find interesting stuff!

This highly educational history trivia page offers you a chance to learn more about world history questions and trivia facts. Try and connect with family and friends with these quizzes. It could be fun!

History Trivia Games- American And The Rest Of The World in 2023

Who was the first man to walk on the moon? Who was the first human to go into space? These easy history trivia questions sound simple ….but you just might find something new you didn’t know about. We have covered major aspects of history – from animal quizzes to geography quizzes and other areas to get you more knowledgeable.

What was the shortest war in human history and for how long did it last? How many years ago did the dinosaurs become extinct? Interesting yet hard, right? Well, you think you’re up to the task?

See if you can crack these history questions.

History trivia quiz questions

  • What was Michael Angelo’s favorite rock as the medium for his sculptures?


  • The Behaus School of Design closed in what year?


  • What is the famous nickname of Marvel Comics artist Jack Kirby?

    The King

  • Edward Allington created the concrete cast of the interior of an entire Victorian house, true or false?
    False. Rachel Whiteread did.
  • What is the length of the original shark used in Damian Heart’s work, “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone living”?

    fourteen Feet

  • Surrealism originated from which artist’s painting style?
    Salvador Dali
  • The statement, “Art is anything you can get away with is a line said by?
    Andy Warhol
  • The Mona Lisa has been stolen how many times?


  • This Question can be answered by true of false, Dada is considered to be anti-art.


  • Which city is credited as the origin or birth place of pop art?


  • “The Conversion of Saint Paul”, was painted by which artist?
  • The Glass Pyramid at Lourve was made by which architect?

    Leoh M Pei

  • What do you call the drawing technique of putting lines close to each other?


  • Van Gogh sold how many paintings during his lifetime?
  • The “Repast of the Lion”, is considered to be what art style?
    Naïve Art
  • True of false; Water Color does not use the color white.
  • In Charles Schulz’s famous peanuts strip, what is the name of Charlie Brown’s dog?


  • A portrait of Queen Elizabeth the Second made by Andy Brown was made from what material?
    Used tea bags
  • What is the breed of Snoopy in the highly successful comic strip?
  • True of false; Durer Painted, “The Fall of Man”.


  • How many words does Pablo Picasso’s real name have?
    Twenty three
  • Who was the first woman to hold federal executive office in the United States?

    Kamala Harris

  • What musical did Lea Salonga Star in when she won the prestigious musical theater award?

    Miss Saigon

  • What year did the U.S. Supreme Court allow same-sex marriage?


  • Who is the first Asian woman to win a Tony award?
    Lea Salonga
  • Which oil company’s rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 workers and countless species of wildlife?

    British Petroleum (BP0

  • What is the name of the founder of the Association for the Advancement of Women?
    Maria Mitchell
  • Where is the geographical center of the U.S. population (approximated in the 2020 census)?

    About 9 miles outside of Hartville, MO.

  • What is the name of the first female to break the sound barrier?
    Jacquelyn Cochran
  • What type of exercise area did President Barack Obama have installed in the White House?

    A basketball court.

  • How did Joan of Arc die?

    burned at the stake

  • What year began the worst economic recession since the Great Depression?


  • What is the name of the first woman to receive a PHD at MIT?

    Shirley Jackson

  • Who was the first Black president of the United States?

    Barrack Obama

  • What is the name of the first woman to practice at the Supreme Court?

    Belva Lockwood

  • Why did former Vice President Al Gore win the Nobel Peace Prize?

    His work on climate change education through his movie “An Inconvenient Truth.”

  • Henry the Eighth had multiple wives. Which gave birth to Elizabeth the First?

    Anne Boleyn

  • What sports organization did Senator George Mitchell investigate after hearing rumors of athletes using steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs?

    Major League Baseball

  • Who was the founder of the Red Cross?

    Clara Barton

  • What was the name of the hurricane that devastated New Orleans in 2005?

    Hurricane Katrina

  • Whom did Cleopatra marry after the end of her relationship with Julius Caesar?

    Mark Anthony

  • What was the name of the space shuttle that exploded on re-entry over Texas, killing all seven astronauts aboard?


  • Elizabeth the Second was crowned as the queen during what year?


  • What year did Apple Computer introduce the first iPod?


  • In what industry did the first African American woman millionaire venture in?
    Beauty/ cosmetics/ Haircare
  • What person and organization are widely believed to be behind the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001?

    Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda

  • What is the name of the first female Hispanic astronaut?
    Ellen Ochoa
  • What state’s electoral votes ultimately decided the 2000 presidential election?


  • One of Show business most iconic entertainers, Josephine Baker, served what post for the Allied Forces?


  • What’s the call sign of the president’s helicopter?

    Marine One

  • Who holds the record for the fastest woman on water skis?
    Kitty O’Neal
  • Two sets of fathers and sons have served as presidents. What are their names?

    John Adams and John Quincy Adams

    George H. W Bush and George W. Bush

  • Who is the founder of the First Nations Development Institute?

    Rebecca Adamson

  • What two pets did President Bill Clinton have while in office?

    A chocolate Labrador retriever named Buddy and a cat named Socks.

  • Who was the first black senator in the United States of America?

    Carol Moseley Brown

  • When did the U.S. government issue a formal apology to the surviving members of the Tuskegee Experiments (conducted from 1932-72)?


  • In 1916, who was the first female to be elected to the US Congress?

    Jeanette Rankin

  • What was the first state to legalize marijuana for medicinal use?

    California in 1996

  • True of False. The Titanic sunk because of engine failure.

    False, The Titanic hit an iceberg

  • Who refused to give up her bus seat, sparking national civil rights protests?

    Rosa Parks

  • Which ancient king had a round table?

    King Arthur

  • Which law ended the application of Jim Crow laws and reversed the Supreme Court’s “separate but equal” decision made in Plessy v. Ferguson?

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964

  • Which Asian country is the first in the world to used paper money or paper bills?


  • What was the last state to be admitted into the union?


  • What was the name of the leader of the National Socialism?

    Adolf Hitler

  • When was the first year Veteran’s Day was celebrated?

    Nov. 11, 1954

  • Aside From Hiroshima, which city was also destroyed by an atomic bomb?


  • Which four presidents have been assassinated while in office?

    Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy

  • Which Japanese City was the first place to be attacked by an Atomic Bomb?
  • Who was the first president to receive a Secret Service code name?

    President Harry Truman, who was called “General.”

  • The Iconic and Historical Speech, “I Have a Dream” was delivered by?
    Martin Luther King
  • How many Americans were killed in World War II?

    The United States lost 1.3 million lives

  • What is Thomas Edison’s most famous invention?
    The lightbulb
  • Who was the first United States president to appear on television?

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  • According to a Greek myth, what did Prometheus steal to give to humans?


  • When did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?

    Dec. 7, 1941

  • What was the date of the Black Tuesday stock market crash?

    October 24, 1929

  • The Olympic Games originated from which country?
  • What year were American women granted the right to vote?

    In 1920

  • The invention of the telephone is credited to which inventor?

    Alexander Graham Bell

  • What was the United States’ first commercial radio station?

    KDKA in Pittsburgh

  • Henry the Eighth had how many wives?


  • Passed in 1919, which amendment prevented the sale of alcoholic beverages?

    The 18th Amendment

  • Who was the Emperor of the Huns during four hundred AD?
    1. Atilla the Hun
  • What year did the United States enter World War I?


  • The Plays Macbeth, Hamlet, and A midsummer Night’s Dream were all written by which author?

    William Shakespeare

  • Who was the first woman to be elected to the U.S. Congress in 1916?

    Jeanette Rankin

  • What young women’s organization did Juliette Gordon Low establish in 1912?

    Girl Scouts of the USA

  • The Nobel Peace Prize was first organized and started by?

    Alfred Nobel

  • When did Henry Ford’s Model T hit the market?


  • During World War two, Winston Churchill held an important government post. What was his title or job?

    British Prime Minister

  • What was the first United States national monument?

    Devil’s Tower in Wyoming

  • What is the name of the Roman God of fire and blacksmiths?


  • About how many Europeans immigrated to America from 1865 to 1918?

    About 27.5 million

  • What is Neil Armstrong’s Nationality?


  • Who was the first African American senator?

    Hiram Rhodes Revels took his oath of office in 1870

  • What country gifted the United States with the Statue of Liberty?


  • Who was the first man on the moon?

    Neil Armstrong and Buz Aldrin

  • Who was the first president to be impeached?

    President Andrew Johnson in 1868.

  • Who was the leader of the Vikings when they founded the settlement in Greenland?

    Eric the Red

  • About how many slaves were freed at the conclusion of the US Civil War?

    3.9 million

  • Rubber was discovered by?

    Charles Mackintosh

  • What was the name of the Greek Goddess of Love?
  • What state seceded from Virginia in 1863?

    West Virginia

  • How many years ago was the Stonehenge built?
    five thousand years ago
  • When did the Civil War of the United States end?

    President Andrew Johnson officially declared victory on May 9, 1865

  • Which World War does the attack on Pearl Harbor a part of?
    World War Two
  • What is the name of the theater where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth?

    Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C

  • Athena is the Greek goddess of?

    Wisdom and War

  • In what year did Texas secede from Mexico?


  • What was the name of the battle after which General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant?

    The Battle of Appomattox Court House

  • The attack on Pearl Harbor fell on what month?
    1. December
  • Who was the first Chancellor of a united Germany in 1871?

    Otto Von Bismark


  • When was the Emancipation Proclamation issued?

    Jan. 1, 1863

  • How many people have already walked on the moon?


  • TRUE or FALSE - The man that shot Alexander Hamilton was named Aaron Burr.


  • Who was the Confederate president during the Civil War?

    Jefferson Davis

  • What is the nationality of Alexey Leonov, the first man to spacewalk?


  • What was the name commonly given to the ancient trade routes that connected the East and West of Eurasia?

    Silk Road

  • Whose portrait was on it?

    Salmon P. Chase

  • Who was the first man to do a spacewalk that lasted twelve minutes?

    Alexey Leonov

  • Which King of England was faced with the Peasants' Revolt in 1381?

    Richard II


  • When was the first U.S. dollar printed?


  • In Greek Mythology, who was responsible for the abduction of Persephone which led to the four seasons of the Earth?


  • What year did the Vietnam War end?


  • How many people were killed at that battle?

    A total of 22,654

  • The modern name for Van Diem’s land which is now an island part of the territory of Australia is?


  • The devastating Great fire of London happened on which year?
  • When did construction of the Suez Canal finish? Visit https://Brightful.me for more fun trivia!


  • Who was the shortest-serving United States president?

    William Henry Harrison got sick and died 31 days into his term after being elected in 1841.

  • Who was the captain of the vessel Titanic at the time of its sinking?

    Edward Smith

  • About 4,000 members of which Native American tribe died of cold, hunger or disease on the Trail of Tears?


  • The battle of Agincourt of 1415 between England and France belonged to what war?
    The Hundred Years War
  • Which country was Josef Stalin born in?

    Which country was Josef Stalin born in?


  • How many Native Americans were forcibly relocated by the government under the Indian Removal Act?

    About 100,000

  • This question can be answered by true of False. Demeter is the Greek goddess of the hunting.
    1. False. She is the Greek goddess of the Harvest.
  • What did the abbreviation RMS stand for in the RMS Titanic in 1912? Visit https://Brightful.me for more fun trivia!

    Royal Mail Ship


  • Which president signed the Indian Removal Act, which moved Native Americans into unsettled land in the West in exchange for their land within state borders?

    President Andrew Jackson

  • The construction of the historical and divisive Berlin wall began on what year?


  • When was the People's Republic of China founded?

    1 October 1949

  • Who was the first president to declare war?

    James Madison

  • “The Whitechapel Murderer” is the nickname given to which serial killer?

    Jack the Ripper

  • In 1961, an American B-52 aircraft crashed and nearly detonated two 4mt nuclear bombs over which US city?

    Goldsboro, North Carolina


  • Who led the first land expedition to the Pacific Coast?

    Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

  • He Led USSR from 1917 to 1922?

    Vladimir Lenin

  • What was the original name of New York City?

    New Amsterdam

  • What started the great Chicago fire?

    It’s unknown, although rumors at the time involved a cow knocking over a lantern in a barn.

  • In 1593, the thermometer was invented, which inventor is connected to its invention?


  • In what year did the Berlin Wall fall?


  • Where was the Constitutional Convention held?


  • What was the first governing document of the newly created United States, later replaced by the U.S. Constitution?

    The Articles of Confederation

  • The name of Beatle’s debut album is?

    Please Please Me

  • What was the aim of the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong in 2014?

    Genuine universal suffrage

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  • How many original British colonies existed in America?


  • Who is the Greek God of the Underworld?


  • In what year did Kentucky become the 15th state to join the union?


  • What founding father was credited with inventing bifocals?

    Benjamin Franklin

  • The citadel Machu Picchu is located at which Latin American Country?


  • The Fallingwater House, located in Pennsylvania, was designed by which architect?

    Frank Lloyd Wright


  • Who was the first president to live in the White House?

    John Adams

  • The catastrophic destruction of Pompei in 79 AD. was done by which active volcano?
    Mount Vesuvius
  • How many women joined the United States Armed Services during World War II?


  • What was the first American state?


  • In what year was Mahatma Ghandi killed?
    nineteen Forty Eight
  • Which U.S. president took part in the Potsdam Conference, where the Allies reached a peace settlement with Germany?

    Harry S. Truman


  • How many battles were fought during the American Revolution?

    More than 230

  • James Cook led and commanded what ship when he discovered Australia?

    HMS Endeavor

  • When was the city of Rome, Italy founded?

    753 BCE

  • What was the name of the treaty that ended the war?

    The Treaty of Paris

  • Who was the leader of the people who killed the First circumnavigator, Ferdinand Magellan, when they went to at Mactan Island Philippines?


  • Which historical conflict killed the most people?

    World War II


  • When did the Revolutionary War end?

    Sept. 3, 1783

  • In USSR, What does the letter “R” sand for?


  • What was the bloodiest single-day battle during the American Civil War?

    The Battle of Antietam


  • What was Hopkinson’s fee for creating the flag?

    A quarter-cask of wine

  • What empire did the country Turkey belong to during the First World War?

    The Ottoman Empire

  • When Christopher Columbus sailed to America, what was the first region he arrived in?

    The Bahamas Archipelago


  • When was the first American currency created?

    after the Revolutionary War began in 1775

  • On what year did the Ford Model T enter production?


  • Which American civilization is the source of the belief that the world would end or drastically change on December 21st, 2012?

    The Mayans

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  • What city was the first capital of the United States?

    New York City

  • Which Century did the French Revolution take place?

    Eighteenth Century

  • What was the first sport to have been played on the moon?



  • After the Boston Tea Party, Great Britain punished colonists with several laws that took away Massachusetts’ right to govern itself. What were these laws called?

    The Intolerable Acts (or the Coercive Acts in Great Britain)

  • Which actor top-billed the 1960’s television series Batman?

    Adam West

  • What nationality was sultan Saladin?



  • What were colonists protesting with the Boston Tea Party?

    The Stamp Act, a British tax on print materials such as stamps and newspapers

  • What year was the defeat of the Americans in the Vietnamese City or commonly referred to as the fall of Saigon during the Vietnam War?


  • In which year did the Tokyo Subway Sarin Attack occur?


  • What was the date of the Boston Tea Party?

    On Dec. 16, 1773

  • What natural human bodily fluid did Romans use as mouth wash because of the presence of ammonia in it?


  • Adolf Hitler was born on which date?

    20 April 1889

  • How many people were killed in the Boston Massacre?

    Five people

  • Victorians said this word before having their picture taken instead of the word “cheese”. What fruit did they say?


  • Where and when was the first cardboard box made for industrial use?

    England, 1817


  • With the Proclamation Line of 1763, the British forbid American colonists from settling west of which natural barrier?

    The Appalachian Mountains

  • What famous children’s party game that doesn’t involve balls was an Olympic event from 1900-1920

    Tug of War

  • TRUE or FALSE - Adolf Hitler was a german soldier in World War I.


  • How do historians refer to the time period in the 1730s and 1740s when colonists began embracing secular rationalism over religion?

    The Great Awakening

  • Which Asian country had seven of the ten deadliest wars in human history some even deadlier than world war one?


  • Who was Bohdan Khmelnytsky?

    Leader of the Ukrainian Cossacks


  • What ultimately ended the Salem Witch Trials?

    The colony’s governor ordered an end to the trials after his own wife was accused of witchcraft.

  • The Shortest war in human civilization history was between England and Zanzibar. How many hours did it last?

    Less than an hour

  • TRUE or FALSE - United States President John F. Kennedy was assassinated during his presidential motorcade in Atlanta, Georgia on November 22nd, 1963


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  • How many people were killed in the Salem Witch Trials?

    Twenty people

  • What was the initial reported cause of death for Elvis Presley that spread in the media?

    Heart attack

  • In what year did the North American Video Game Crash occur?


  • What year were the first enslaved Africans brought to American colonies?


  • What health problem bothered Elvis Presley throughout his lifetime which eventually related to his death


  • During the Wars of the Roses (1455 - 1487) which Englishman was dubbed the Kingmaker? Visit https://Brightful.me for more fun trivia!

    Richard Neville


  • What was the name of the Pilgrims’ ship?

    The Mayflower

  • When Pope Gregory IX rose to power, what domestic animal did he order to exterminate across Europe in the belief that they were used in devil’s worship and witch craft?


  • When did Canada leave the confederation to become their own nation?

    July 1st, 1867


  • Why did the Pilgrims come to America?

    To start their own religious community after becoming dissatisfied with the Protestant Church in England

  • Ever since World War Two, what beverage’s equipment is furnished in British battle tanks?


  • What year did the Battle of Agincourt take place?


  • What year was the Jamestown settlement established?

    In 1607

  • On what date was the Declaration of Independence signed?
    July fourth seventeen seventy six
  • When was The Gadget, the first nuclear device to be detonated, tested?

    July 16, 1945

  • What was the name of the first (permanent English) American colony?

    Jamestown, after King James I

  • The first president of the United States of America is?

    George Washington

  • TRUE or FALSE - The United States was a member of the League of Nations. Visit https://Brightful.me for more fun trivia!



  • Who did Pocahontas marry?

    John Rolfe, a tobacco planter

  • Which United States of America Armed Force did John Fitzgerald Kennedy serve in?


  • On which day did ARPANET suffer a 4 hour long network crash?

    October 27, 1980

  • What tribe was Pocahontas from?

    The Powhatan tribal nation

  • Who preceded Ronald Raegan’s presidency in the United States of America?

    Jimmy Carter

  • The Herero genocide was perpetrated in Africa by which of the following colonial nations? Visit https://Brightful.me for more fun trivia!



  • What five countries formed colonies that would later become part of the United States territory?

    England, France, the Netherlands, Russia and Spain

  • Which US president served the shortest term of about two months because of dying from simple colds?

    William Henry Harrison

  • When did Jamaica receive its independence from England?


  • Who was the first European to land in North America?

    Leif Erikson arrived from Norway in the 10th century

  • Which Founding Father had a house which was discovered to have had about one thousand two hundred bone pieces from about ten human skeletons?

    Benjamin Franklin

  • Which country had an Orange Revolution between 2004 and 2005?



  • What is the oldest European-founded city in the United States?

    St. Augustine, Florida, founded in 1565

  • What state was the last state to overturn laws against interracial marriage in the year 2000?
  • The crown of the Empire State Building was originally built for what purpose?

    Airship Dock


  • When did Christopher Columbus land in what would later become the United States?

    He didn’t. Most historians agree he landed in parts of Central and South America, as well as some Caribbean islands

  • How many Stripes does the United States of America’ flag have?


  • Which tank was designed and operated by the United Kingdom?

    Tog II


  • How did Indigenous tribes get here?

    Scholars believe they walked over a land bridge between Asia and Alaska

  • How many stars does the American Flag have?


  • What number does the Roman numeral D stand for?


  • How long ago do historians estimate the first settlers arrived on what is now American soil?

    More than 12,000 years ago

  • What sport’s hall of fame enshrined Abraham Lincoln for having a stellar record of just one loss?


  • What historical event was Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture referencing?

    The Napoleonic Wars


  • How many manned moon landings have there been?


  • Which naval battle was considered the turning point of the Pacific Ocean Theater during World War 2?

    Battle of Midway

  • Which of these countries was sea charted in 1500 by the Portuguese maritime explorations?


  • What is the symbol of silver?
    Its Ag from its Latin word Argentum.
  • What is the total area of USA?
    3.8 million square miles(9.8 million km2)
  • What is the total population of USA?
    327 million
  • What is the name of Baltimore Rovens' home ground?
    M&T Bank Stadium
  • Against which team did Baltimore Rovens win superbowl XXXV?
    New York Giants
  • Who was the first coach of Baltimore Rovens?
    Ted Marchibroda
  • When was Baltimore Rovens team established?
    In 1996
  • Atlanta Falcons only use which colors helmets?
    Black & Red
  • Who was the first head coach of Atlanta falcons team?
    Norb Hecker
  • Which is the current home ground of Atlanta Falcons?
    Georgia Dome
  • What was the name of the first person who reached the South Pole?
    Roald Amundsen
  • What was the name of first American astronaut in the space?
    Gus Grissom
  • June 6, 1944, is better known as?
  • Who was known as Garibaldi?
    A famous Italian soldier
  • In 1943, which famous raid was lead by the Guy Gibson?
    The Dambusters
  • In which year did the Berlin Wall fall?
  • What animal was first sent into space?
  • What was unusual about Medusa`s hair, In Greek mythology?
    It was made of snakes
  • What was the William Tells son’s name?
  • On the cars, the letters MG stand for?
    Morris Garages
  • What was the name of a famous person in history named teddy bear?
    Theodore Roosevelt
  • In which year was the sliced bread invented?
    America in 1928
  • At the Battle of Hastings in 1066, King Harold was defeated by whom?


  • In which year did the first man walk on Moon?
  • Write down the name of oldest story in the world?
    The Epic of Gilgamesh
  • In 1893, which was the first country to give women the right to vote?
    New Zealand
  • What Filipino was known with the nickname of “iron butterfly”?
    Imelda Marcos
  • Who was the first president of America?

    George Washington

  • What is the name of an Australian province that has New at the beginning of its name?
    South Wales
  • On the 1st of September 1939, which country did Germany invade?
  • In English, what are the Islas Canarias?
    Canary Islands
  • In which English city is the Buckingham Palace located?.


  • Until 1989 what structure was 26.5 miles long?
    The Berlin Wall
  • While in the prison who did Adolf Hitler dictate Mein Kampf to?
    Rudolf Hess.
  • What is the name of the US holiday state that has the Everglades National Park?
  • From space which Chinese landmark can be viewed?
    Great Wall of China


  • The Great Barrier Reef is made from which thing?
  • Which places were destroyed badly by the Great Fire of London?
  • In 1986, what was the scandal that the Tower Commission set up to investigate?
    The Iran-Contra affair
  • In which country is the Edinburgh?
  • What is the name of the largest country in South America?


  • On which ocean does Argentina’s east coast lie?
  • Madagascar is off which coast of Africa?
  • In 1989, Carlos Menem was elected the president of which country, ?
  • What is the name of the country that has the world’s oldest functioning democracy?


  • What profession has the Socrates?
  • What is the name of the person whose name was translated as Emperor of all?
    Genghis Khan
  • By birth which nationality had the Pontius Pilot?
  • Apart from the English language which is an official language of Canada?


  • In which country is the Okinawa a volcano?


  • What was the name of the last word uttered by Napoleon?


  • What is the birthplace name of Bonnie Prince Charlie?
  • In 1620 where was the Oceanus Hopkins born?
    On the Mayflower
  • What is the name of a city that is known as Kapstad in Afrikaans?
    Cape Town
  • Which was the first company formed to manufacture motor cars?
  • What same name are the three Scottish kings and eight Popes?
  • What African country was founded by the Americans?


  • The Capital of Texas is?
  • What was the name of US president who was divorced?
    Ronald Reagan
  • In 1937, which was the airship that exploded in New Jersey?
  • What is the name of the state that is to the west of Texas?

    New Mexico

  • Frank Sinatra’s Yacht is known as?
    My Way Again
  • In 1924, what was invented by the Rice-Kellogg?

    Loud speakers

  • In 1969, who was drowned at Chappaquiddick?
    Mary Jo Kopechne.
  • what is the name of the president who had a short presidency?
    William Henry Harrison
  • What is the name of the gulf which is to the southeast of Texas?

    Gulf of Mexico

  • Until 1970, what was the name of a park in which New York marathon run?
    Central Park
  • In 1916, who became the first billionaire of World?
    John D Rockefeller
  • The Franklin d. Roosevelt died in which year?


  • When was the Battle of San Jacinto?
    21st April 1836
  • Which state of the USA was once the part of Mexico?


  • In 1906 which was the university that was founded in New York.
    Pace University
  • In 2979, in which state did the Woolworth’s originate?
    Lancaster Pennsylvania
  • Who was the 3rd president of the USA?
    Thomas Jefferson
  • What did the “D” stand for in “D-Day”?


  • Who was the bombed Pearl Harbor?
  • The statement “I have not yet begun to fight” was said by which American Commander?
    John Paul Jones
  • Who was the first black American pictured on a U.S. postage stamp?

    Joe Louis

  • Who was a famous Renaissance artist?
    Leonardo da Vinci
  • The first names of famous explorers Lewis and Clark?
    Meriwether and William
  • What is the name of the Roman God of Love?
  • Which was the following president of South Africa? 1. King George III 2.Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela

  • What was the name of a person who holds the record for most victories in a row on the professional golf tour?
    Byron Nelson
  • Catherine the Great ruled on which country?
  • What is the name of the second president of the United States?
    John Adams
  • In 1990, which item was owned by only fewest U.S. homes?
    Compact Disk Player
  • In 1453, the history students are taught about the “the fall of Constantinople”. who did it fall?
    Ottoman Turks
  • On which date did the Liberty Bell get its name?
    In the 19th century
  • In 1998, a study suggests that which explorer reached the North Pole?
    Robert E. Peary
  • The first human life to set foot in North America was from?
  • Which was the first American Constitution?
    Article of Confederation
  • In which year was John Lennon murdered?
  • What is the name of a campaign against sale or drinking of Alcohol?
    The Temperature Movement
  • Was George Washington defeated by Benjamin Franklin in the first Presidential election?


  • Write down the name of battle in American Revolution?
    Battle of Saratoga
  • When did the US officially gain independence from Great Britain?
  • Who was the Hoover Dam named after?
    President Herbert Hoover.
  • In which service was John Glen, the first astronaut to orbit the earth?
    US Marine Corps
  • In the 1920s what was the food item that was banned in US movie theaters?
  • At what game was the Jackson Whipps Showalter a US champion? A:


  • What was the name of first female American astronaut in the space?
    Sally Ride
  • How many red stripes are there on the American flag?


  • Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, what did this proclamation do?
    freed all the slaves in rebellious states
  • Write down the name of the 50th state that added to the U.S.?
  • What was the name of a great politician who was known as “The Great Communicator”?
    Ronald Regan
  • Write down the name of the 1st president who lived in the White House?
    John Adams
  • What was the name of the 49th state that was added to the U.S.?


  • In which year did California become a state?
  • In which year Texas Become a state?
  • In the first year of them, 330 were sold. What are they?
    VW Beetle
  • What does the Zip stand for, in the American Zip code?
    Zone Improvement Plan
  • In which year was America recognized as a country?
  • What was the name of American President who was in office the longest?
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • Write down the name of person who discover America?
    Christopher Columbus
  • Write down the middle name of Walt Disney?
  • When the did the American Civil War take place?
    1861 – 1865.
  • What was the original slogan of the Doctor Peppers?
    Liquid Sunshine
  • What was the name of President who was the first to be televised?
    F D Roosevelt
  • How many Golf Balls are included in the moon?
  • What are the names of four great Presidents who carved into Mount Rushmore?
    Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Theodore Roosevelt.


  • When was America discovered?
  • What was the name of a famous rifle which is known as ‘The Gun that Won the West’ in America?
    Winchester Model 1873
  • What is the name of famous 5th century A.D conqueror known as ‘The Scourge of God’?
    Atilla the Hun
  • What was the name of the country on which the Khmer Rouge was a regime ruling in the 20th century?
  • What is the name of the most famous battle of 1346?
  • What was the scandal that forced U.S. President Richard Nixon to resign in the year 1974?
  • What is the Name of person who shot and killed the American outlaw Jesse James?
    Robert Ford
  • What is the name of the company of London theatre that William Shakespeare joined In 1594?
    The Globe
  • What was the name of the man who wrote a document which is known as the 95 Theses?
    Martin Luther
  • Which city is known as the world’s first electrically lighted city?
    Wabash, Indiana
  • What is the name of the first state which is known to ratify the U.S Constitution?


  • What is the name of Roman Emperor who built a massive wall in 122 A.D. across Northern Britain?
  • What was the name of an empire that has a Tenochtitlan as its capital?
  • What are the names of two countries between whom the Hundred Years War was fought?

    France & England

  • The Cold War began between the US and what other world power?
    Soviet Union
  • What was the name of first UK’s Windsor monarch?
    George V
  • In 1974, what war was Lt. Hiroo Onoda ordered by his commanding officer to stop fighting?
    World War II
  • What was the name of a disease that ravaged and killed a third of Europe’s population in the 14th century?
    Bubonic Plague
  • What were the name of U.S. presidents who have been assassinated?
    James A. Garfield, Four. Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and William McKinley.
  • By what name is the Saloth Sar, born 19 May 1925, is better known?
    Pol Pot
  • By which country’s king was the Magna Carta was published?
  • In which country the Battle of Hastings in 1066 was fought?
  • On Sunday, 18th June 1815, which famous battle took place?
    The Battle of Waterloo
  • In which year did the demolitions of the Berlin Wall begin?
  • In which decade did the American involvement in the Korean War take place?
  • What was the name of U.S. president who appears in the front of the $2 bill?
    Thomas Jefferson
  • What is the name of the general who famously stated ‘I shall return’?
    Douglas MacArthur
  • What was the name of U.S. president who had a home known as The Hermitage?
    Andrew Jackson.
  • What was the President Duvalier of Haiti’s nickname, who died in 1971?
    Papa Doc
  • In which country was Adolf Hitler born?


  • What is the name of first African American woman who crowned as Miss America?
    Vanessa Williams
  • Which is the name of the first bridge that was built in London across the River Thames?
    London Bridge
  • Write down the name of the person who was the first Windsor monarch of UK?
    George V
  • English Language become the national language of America in which year?


  • John Lennon was murdered in which year?
  • America was recognized as a country in which year?


  • What was the reason behind the migration of England pilgrims to America?
    Seeking freedom for their religion
  • Santa Maria is the name of what?
    The name of one of Columbus’s ships
  • Who was the author of 1930’s newspaper column titled “My Day”?
    Eleanor Roosevelt
  • The US supreme court legalized abortion on which date?
    22 January 1973
  • On March 28, 1979, which nuclear power plant had a radioactive leak?
    Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania
  • In 1978 what was the reason behind the evacuation of Niagara Falls, NY residents?
    Due to dangerous Toxic chemicals
  • While campaigning for presidency which governor from Southern State was shot and paralyzed in 1972?
    George Wallace, Alabam
  • In which Olympics games and in which year did Terrorists murder 11 Israeli athletes and coaches?
    In 1972, the Munich Olympics
  • Who was the first American president who resigned?
    Richard Nixon’s


  • In the USA, first earth day was celebrated on which date?
    22 April 1970
  • On May 4, 1970, which college students were killed during anti-war demonstrations?
    Kent State University Ohio
  • What was the name of Franklin Roosevelt’s wife?
    Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
  • President John F. Kennedy died in which city?


  • In the US constitution, what is the first amendment?
    Freedom of speech
  • The oldest higher learning institute in the USA?

    Harvard University

  • The very first Olympics in the USA was hosted by which city?
    St. Louis
  • Women rights movement was led by which famous lady?
    Susan B. Anthony
  • The USA first subway line was open in which city and in which year?
    In 1897, in the city of Boston
  • The main focus of the “Know-Nothing” party was on which issue?


  • “Speak softly and carry a big stick” is the famous phrase of which president?
    Theodore Roosevelt
  • Which act gave the settler’s 160 acres of land for 5 years?
    Homestead Act
  • In which year was the political party Whig formed?
    In 1834
  • Congress first celebrated Independence Day as a holiday in which year?
    In 1870
  • The Soviet Union dissolved on which date?

    26th December 1991

  • On which year did Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?
    In 1941
  • In which year did the women obtained the rights to vote?
    In 1920
  • During WWI the US declared war on Germany in which year?
    In 1917
  • In 1790 what was the population of the US?
    Only 4 million
  • In US, founding fathers called to which leaders?
    Leaders of the American Revolution
  • True or false: In revolutionary, which was the battle of Saratoga was the American major victorious?
  • The war of the American Revolution ended after which treaty?
    The treaty of Paris
  • Swamp Fox was another name of which American Revolutionary war general?
    Francis Marion
  • Down-Easters is the nickname of the people belong from which state?


  • Springfield is the capital of which state?
  • The first US president to appear on TV was?
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • Which land bridge connect Siberia to Alaska?


  • In 1803 US purchase Louisiana territory from which city?
  • Statue of liberty exist in which city of the USA?
    New York
  • In which US state does the Denali Mountains are exist?


  • In Washington which peninsula contain the Olympic Mountains?
    Olympic Peninsula


  • In the USA on 8 places the flag must be flown 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, do you know the places?
    1. Washington Monument
    2. United States Marine Corp Memorial
    3. The white house
    4. The flag house square
    5. Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
    6. On the green of the town of Lexington
    7. United States customs ports of entry
    8. The ground of the National Memorial Arch
  • The community of Seward Alaska celebrate the fourth of July in a different way, what do they do?
    They participate in a 6 miles foot race to the top of Mount Marathon
  • 3 US presidents death anniversaries are 4th Do you know remember the name of those 3 presidents?
    Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Monroe
  • Do you know the meaning of colors of the American flag?
    Red means hardiness and valor, white means purity and innocence, the blue color represents vigilance, perseverance, and justice
  • Who was the first US president live in the white house?
    John Adams
  • California became the state on which year?
  • The US fought the war of 1812 against which country?
    Great Britain
  • What was the duration year of the French Republic Calendar?

    It was used between 1793 – 1805

  • Before Thirteenth-century England and Germany which is style dating for New Year?
    Christmas style and New Year start on 25th December
  • Earlier in the Easter style dating the New Year started on which day?

    On Holy Saturday (Day before Easter)

  • What is the name of Ethiopian New Year?
  • According to Nanakshali calendar, Punjabi Sikh celebrate New Year on which date?
    14 April
  • Malayali new year in Kerala celebrate on which date?
    On the mid of April
  • What was the duration year of the French Republic Calendar?

    It was used between 1793 – 1805

  • Before Thirteenth-century England and Germany which is style dating for New Year?

    Christmas style and New Year start on 25 December

  • Earlier in the Easter style dating the New Year started on which day?

    On Holy Saturday (Day before Easter)

  • According to Islamic Calendar new year occurs in which month?


  • Nepal follows which calendar and celebrates New Year on which date?
    They follow Vikram Samvat as an official Calendar and celebrate New Year on the 1st of Baisakh between 12-15 April
  • On Nyepi day what were the activities of Bali people
    This day is considered as the day of silence, fasting, and meditation
  • The new year named Puthandu celebrate at which region of India
    Tamil Nadu
  • The Baloch Hindu people in Pakistan and India celebrate New Year according to which Calendar?
    Saaldar Calendar
  • The Chaldean-Babylonian New Year celebrated on which date?
    1 April
  • Sanskar Padwa a New Year day celebrate in which region of India?
  • The Hindu populations living in Maharashtra celebrate New Year in between March and April. Do you know the name of that day?
    Gudi Padwa
  • Ugadi celebrate normally which region people?

    Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka states people from Southern India

  • On Nyepi day what were the activities of Bali people
    This day is considered as the day of silence, fasting, and meditation
  • Balinese new year is based on which Calendar?
    Saka Calendar, This day is called Nyepi
  • What is the name of the Iranian New Year day?
  • Nava Varsha is celebrated in a different region of India, do you know on which date they celebrate?
    Between March and April


  • According to the Lunar Calendar, what is the date of New Year?
    The exact date is not fixed, it can fall between January 21 to February 21
  • Today which calendar is mostly used worldwide?

    Gregorian Colander

  • Ancient Persians practice giving what thing as a gift of New Year?


  • Tibetan Buddhism celebrate New Year’s on which month?

    In the month of February

  • Kwanzaa is the tradition of African American, do you know the meaning of that?

    It refers to first fruit

  • Kwanzaa the seven day holiday celebrate between which date?

    Between 26 December to 1 January

  • Rosh Hashanah usually falls in which months?
    September or October
  • What is the meaning of Rosh Hashanah in the Jewish religion?
    Beginning of New Year
  • Chinese new year is based on which calendar?
    Lunar Calendar
  • In the US on New Year eating the pancake with butter, syrup and whipped cream indicates what?
    You are having breakfast at Shoney’s or Denny’s
  • To stick on New Year resolution Southern US believes in what?
    Be at death’s door
  • What is the belief behind the eating of black-eyed peas on New Year?
    To bring prosperity for next year
  • Which team was unable to pass Decca records audition on January 1, 1962?
    The Beatles
  • On which New Year Eve did Rick Nelson the great entertainer die on controversial plan crash?

    In 1985

  • Cigarettes ad were banned from American television on which date?
    1 January 1971
  • On the dismay of millions on 1 January 1945, one person said that they were not a god. Do you remember that person?
    Emperor Hirohito
  • Netherlands Government made licenses mandatory for driving engine-powered vehicles on which date?
    January 1, 1906
  • What happened to Queen Victoria of Britain on January 1, 1877?
    She was proclaimed Empress of India
  • Pennsylvanian Trembler did what on January 1, 1788?
    They freed their slaves
  • The famous actor Frank Lang Ella was born in Bayonne, New Jersey on which date?
    January 1, 1938
  • In 2008 a new New Year Eve ball was introduced, do you know the weight and diameter of that ball?
    Weight 11875 pounds and 12 feet diameters
  • What was the total diameter of New Year Eve ball before 2008?
    5 feet
  • Before 2008 what was the original weight of New Year Eve ball?
    700 pounds
  • At atop One Time Square the first ball dropping celebration held on which date?
    31 December 1907
  • The first New Year fireworks took place where and on which date?
    In904  on top of one time square
  • Do you know what the meaning of “Auld Lang Syne” is?

    Times have gone by

  • In 1788 which Scottish poet wrote the song “Auld Lang Syne”?

    Robert Burns

  • On the mid-night of New Year which traditional song was sung in different places in America?
    Auld Lang Syne
  • In various part of America people eat what for good luck on New Year?

    Black eyed peas

  • January derived from Janus, which means what?
    Two faces god
  • In 1582 which calendar mark 1 January as the New Year?
    Gregorian calendar
  • Old Romans celebrate New Year on which date?
    March 1
  • According to CNN which country New Year celebration is oldest?
    Mesopotamia started to celebrate New Year in 2000 BC
  • In which city and which year was the first YMCA started?
    In Montreal in 1851
  • Who is the first only female prime minister of Canada?
    Kim Campbell
  • Initially in 1873, how many police officers were there in Mounted Police?

    9 officers

  • In which year was Canada’s first railway line opened?
    In July 1836
  • In 1967 which Canadian team won the World Cup Ski race?
    Ottawa’s Nancy Greene
  • Which is the very first Canadian team who participated in the NBA?
    Toronto Huskies established in 1946
  • Who is the only Canadian to win the NBA MVP award?
    Steve Nash
  • What is the total height of Niagara Fall?
    167 ft
  • On which year was Jasper National Park established?
    In 1907
  • In which province Jasper National Park Of Canada exist?


  • Prince Edward Island Municipal elections in Canada were held on which date?
    November 5, 2018
  • 2018 North American heat wave took place on which date?
    July 5, 2018
  • 2018 Memorial Cup was held at which place?
    Brandt Centre in Regina
  • On which date did Premier of Saskatchewan and Brad Wall announce his pending retirement from politics?
    August 10, 2017
  • On which date in 2017 was the Quebec City mosque subject of a mass shooting, resulting to 6 deaths and numerous injured?
    January 27, 2017
  • Which Canadian invented “Instant Mashed Potatoes” in 1962?
    Edward Asselbergs
  • During Queen Elisabeth II’s reign, how many Canadian prime ministers have been served?
    12 prime ministers
  • “Hockey Night In Canada” was first hosted by who?
    Foster Hewitt
  • In the second and third Academy Awards, the 2 best Actress winners belong from Canada. Do you remember the name of both actresses?
    Mary Pickford and Norma Shearer
  • Till now (2019) Canada hosted how many Olympics events?
    Canada hosted the Olympics 3 times.
  • From the list which movies are not made in Canada? 1) Sleepless in Seattle 2) New York Minute 3) Chicago
    Sleepless in Seattle
  • “O Canada” is the national anthem of Canada when was it officially announced?
    In 1980
  • From the list which star actor born in Canada? 1) Brendan Fraser 2) Jim Carrey 3) Kim Cattrall

    Jim Carrey

  • Which year did the Canadian Hockey team win Stanley Cup?
    Last time in 1993 Montreal Canadians won the Stanley Cup
  • On which year Canadian law declare women as “Persons”?
    In 1929
  • Who was the first Canadian to win the Olympic gold medal in 1900?
    George Orton for the 2500 m steeplechase
  • True or false: William Hall was the first black Canadian who won the Victoria Cross award?
  • “From sea to sea” is the official motto of which country?


  • Traffic flow on which side of the road in Canada?
    Right side
  • What is the percentage of Christianity in Canada?
    67.2% source Wikipedia
  • In Canada what percentage of populations are European?
    74.3% according to Wikipedia
  • In which year Tom Longboat won the Boston Marathon?
    In 1907
  • On December 6, 1917, Which two ships collided resulting to the death of 2000 people due to an explosion?
    SS Mont-Blanc and the SS IMO
  • The province Newfoundland joined the Canadian confederation on which date?
    March 31, 1949
  • The Canadian flag first appeared on which date?
    Feb 15, 1965
  • Who was the second prime minister of Canada?
    Alexander Mackenzie
  • What is the currency name of Canada?

    $ CAD

  • On which date was the Canadian Confederation developed?
    July 1, 1867
  • What is the largest city in Canada?
  • Name the 3 largest metropolitan areas of Canada?
    Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver
  • What is the capital city of Canada?


  • Which 2 countries have the world longest bi-national land borders?
    America and Canada
  • On the southern side, Canada has a boarder with America, Do you know how long the boarder is?
    8891 Kilometers and if convert in miles it will be 5525 miles
  • Canada is the second largest country in the world by area. Do you know the total area in square kilometers?
    9.98 million square kilometers
  • How many total provinces exist in Canada?


  • Which is the only official bilingual province of Canada?
    New Brunswick
  • What are the 2 official languages used in Canada?

    English & French

  • Which Canadian city hosted Olympics games?


  • “He shoots, he scores” is the famous sports phrase of who?
    Foster Hewitt
  • From these 2 prime ministers, which Canadian prime minister won the noble peace prize? 1) Jean Chretien 2) Lester B. Pearson

    Lester B Pearson

  • The maple leaf which exists in the flag of Canada has how many corners/ points?
    11 points in total
  • In Canada what is a loonie?
    1 dollar Canadian coin
  • The name Canada comes from Iroquois language which means what?
    Village or Settlements
  • The famous Canadian hockey player “Wayne Gretzky” played only for which team?
    Edmonton Oilers
  • What is the total number of time zones in Canada?

    6 time zones exist in Canada

  • How long did the war last?


  • When did the German troops cross the boarder into Belgium?
    August 4, 1914
  • According to which military strategy did Germany begin fighting World War 1?
    Schlieffen Plan
  • When the Austria-Hungary declared war of Serbia?
    On July 28
  • Who supported Serbia?
  • Who was blamed for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand?
    The Serbian Government
  • Who were the Allied powers?
    Great Britain, France, Russia Italy, Japan, Romania and the United States
  • Who were the Central powers?
    Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire
  • When the war started?
    In 1914, after the killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.
  • Which war is also known as the Great War?
    World War 1
  • When did Japanese attack Hiroshima?
    August 6, 1945
  • How many U.S soldiers were killed in the battle?


  • How many Japanese died during the battle?

    more than 200,000

  • What was the time period of the battle of Okinawa?
    April 1, 1945 to June 21, 1945
  • What was the last major battle of WW2?
    The Battle of Okinawa
  • The formed the East Germany?
    The Soviet zone
  • Which countries were grouped together as West Germany?
    The American, British and French zones
  • Into how many zones of occupation Germany was divide after the WW2?
  • How many tanks were involved in the battle?
    Around 6000
  • What was the greatest tank battle in history?
    The Battel of Kursk
  • What was the time when the Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor?
    7:48 am Hawaii time
  • What was there on the Germany Jew’s clothes for their recognition?
    A yellow star of David
  • What was the Operation Sea Lion?
    Codename for the invasion of United Kingdom during the Battle of Britain
  • How many children were included in the victims?

    1.5 million

  • How many Jews were killed between 1941 and 1945?
    About six million
  • How many were killed in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
    129,000 people
  • When was the Axis leader Benito Mussolini imprisoned?
    July 24, 1943
  • What were the main issues discussed in the conference?
    German War reparations, Division of Germany into zones of occupations and the reparation of all Soviet soldiers.
  • When was the meeting held?

    From February 4 to 11, 1945

  • Who were the members of the conference?
    Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin
  • What was the conference considered as the cause of Cold War by many experts?

    The Yalta Conference

  • When did Italy surrender to the Allies?
    September 8, 1943
  • Which Axis power first surrendered?


  • Who lost the Battle of Midway?


  • What was the period of the Miracle of Dunkirk?
    26 May to 4 June 1940
  • The Dunkirk Evacuation is also known as what?
    The Miracle of Dunkirk
  • What was the codename for the Dunkirk evacuation?
    Operation Dynamo
  • What does the Reich Citizenship Law states?
    It declared that only those of German or related blood were eligible to be Reich citizens.
  • Which law forbade marriages and extramarital intercourse between Jews and Germans?
    The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor
  • What were the two Nuremberg Laws?
    The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor and the Reich Citizenship Law
  • Between Japan and America, which country’s loss were more?


  • How many Americans were killed?
  • How many aircrafts were lost?
  • How many Japanese servicemen killed in the attack?
  • Who was the Japanese sailor captured in the Pearl Harbor attack?
    Kazuo Sakamaki
  • Who surrendered to the Japanese Army at the Battle of Singapore?
    Lieutenant General Arthur Ernest Percival
  • Which battleship destroyed the HMS Hood?
  • What were the largest battleships ever built by Germany?
    Bismarck and his sister ship Tirpitz
  • Why was the date proclaimed as ‘a date which will live in infamy’?
    Due to the Pearl Harbor attack
  • Who said this statement?
    President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • What date was proclaimed as ‘a date which will live in infamy’?
    December 7, 1941
  • How many Japanese cruisers sank or damaged in the attack?
  • How many U.S Navy Battleship damaged in the Pearl Harbor attack?


  • Where was the battle fought?
    In the Japanese Ryukyu Island.
  • “Operation Iceberg” was the code name for which battle?
    Battle of Okinawa
  • Who shot Hitler?
    He shot himself.
  • When did Hitler die?
    April 30, 1945
  • Which countries were part of the agreement?
    Japan, Italy and Germany
  • When was the agreement signed?
    September 27, 1940
  • Which agreement formed the Axis powers?
    Tripartite Pact
  • When did the United States join the war?
    After the attack on Pearl Harbor
  • When was Japan surprisingly attacked on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii?
    On December 7, 1941
  • What was the famous German ship in WW2?
    The Bismarck
  • which country attacked Italy?


  • Who brought Italy into the war?
    The dictator Benito Mussolini
  • When was the code launched?
    June 6, 1944
  • The code name ‘Operation Overlord’ was launched for which battle?
    Battle of Normandy
  • When did the Germans invade Norway and Denmark?
    In April 1940
  • On which country did Germany attack against a border dispute?


  • Which country first declared the war?
  • When did the Allied Manhattan Project exploded an atom bomb in the New Mexico desert?
    July 16, 1945
  • Which country lost the most lives?
    Soviet Union
  • How many lives were lost from China in the war?
    Approximately 11 million
  • Who piloted that B-29 bomber?
    Lt. Col. Paul Warfield Tibbets
  • What was the name of the bomber?
    Enola Gay
  • When did the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima dropped?
    August 6, 1945
  • What were the military alliances?
    The Allies and the Axis
  • How many opposing military alliances formed during the war?
  • What was the end date of World War 2?
    2 September 1945
  • What was the start date of World War 2?
    1 September 1939
  • What is the name of the longest live freshwater fish? And what is the recorded age?
    Koi, lived 226 years
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