How to Spot a Celebrity Next Time You Are in Los Angeles

They say that if you live in Los Angeles, you’re never more than six feet away from a celebrity at any given time. Sometimes it is hard to know who they are. It can be hard to tell the difference between Justin Bieber and your cousin Bobby. But if you always answer celebrity trivia questions , you may have a higher chance of spotting a famous person on the street.

Celebrities are the same as the average person in that they enjoy staying out of the spotlight. The best way to spot a celebrity in Los Angeles is to keep your eyes peeled and mind open. Remember, celebrities are just as curious to see you as you are to see them.

How to Spot a Celebrity in Los Angeles

How to Spot a Celebrity Next Time You Are in Los Angels

Do you know some fun facts about your celebrities? Well, knowing those facts is not enough to help you spot them as they walk down the streets in L.A. What should you look for to spot a celebrity next time you are in Los Angeles? The following list of tips can help you on your quest.

Sunglasses and Hats

Look for people with sunglasses on their heads or wearing a hat. This is usually because they don’t want anyone to recognize them and take pictures of them. Also, be keen and look for people surrounded by big groups of other people. Celebrities often have bodyguards around them when out in public places.

Be Aware of Your Surrounding

This is Los Angeles, after all! There are so many people around that you may miss spotting a celebrity if you don’t pay attention. Instead of just staring at your phone, lift your head and look at those in your surroundings. You never know when the person sitting at the next table or standing behind you could be someone that you have seen on TV.

Knowing your surroundings can make a big difference in catching sight of celebrities. If you’re at a party and your friend says, “Oh my god! Is that…?”, it’s too late. That moment is gone forever.

Know Where To Look

There are more celebrities living in LA than in any other city in America. It makes sense that their homes are located here as well, since most of them spend six months out of the year in LA during pilot season. They need hotels and homes to stay that are close to studios in case they get a call from work. If you know where.

Get Out and Explore

By exploring as much as possible, you’ll open yourself up to more opportunities in spotting celebrities because this city is filled with hidden gems that only true Angelenos know about. Celebrities do get lost sometimes, and when they are in that moment of confusion, then you may be lucky enough to meet them.

Be Respectful

You’re here to enjoy the company of celebrities and not to get your picture taken with them or gawk at them like a paparazzi photographer. It’s more fun spotting celebrities if you treat everybody around you as equal. If you can find someone who offers to be your personal guide around LA, then take them up on their offer immediately.

Know The Current Events

There’s always something going on in LA to keep celebrities busy. Knowing what is happening can help you spot your favorite celebrity because they will be out and about during these events.

Be Prepared

Know where your celebrity sighting spots are in LA and have a celebrity spotting kit ready for whenever you decide to go on an expedition to find celebrities. Your celebrity spotting kit should include everything you will need, like a camera, water, sunscreen, binoculars, etc. It’s better if it is something that you can wear around the waist, like a fanny pack.

Have Fun

Stressing out over celebrity spotting can ruin the enjoyment of your time in LA, so just relax and have fun! One day, you’ll look back at all the celebrity sightings that you got to enjoy during the busy holiday season while living here. It’s a great way to remember your experiences in LA when you’re no longer here.

Visit Hollywood Boulevard / Rodeo Drive

If you want to see celebrities in Los Angeles, the best time to go is on Friday and Saturday nights. Hollywood Boulevard or Rodeo Drive will give you a fair chance of spotting a celebrity. Celebrities like to go shopping, so if you want to see them at Rodeo Drive, maybe you will see them on a regular day at any clothing store there.

In Conclusion

Now that you have clues about how to spot a celebrity, plan that trip, go have fun and if you get a chance to take a picture with them, don’t get nervous and ask them to take a picture of you. Instead, take a selfie with them. If you don’t get to see them on the first day, do not give up. You might see one on the following day.

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