On This Day in History, April 05

April 5 is National Bell Bottoms Day. This trendy fashion was the to-go to outfit for many people in the 70s. In honor of this day, why not flex those old pants.

Also, get to flex your brains with these historical facts of April 5.

  • 1923– Firestone Tire and Rubber Company started producing inflatable tires
  • 1933– President Franklin Roosevelt signed “United States Executive Order 6102” which prohibited the “hoarding” of privately held gold coins and bullion in the United States.
  • 1936-Two small towns in Tupelo, Mississippi, and Gainesville, Georgia were devastated by one of the deadliest tornadoes in United States history.
  • 1955-Winston Churchill resigned as the U.K. Prime Minister.
  • 1976– American billionaire Howard Hughes died on this day at the age of 70.
  • 1984-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar broke Wilt Chamberlain’s all-time career scoring record of 31,419 points (31,421).
  • 1991-Paul Newman won a court victory over Julius Gold, to keep giving all profits from Newman foods to charity.
  • 1991-Kitty Kelley published an unauthorized biography of former US First Lady Nancy Reagan.
  • 1992-Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori suspended the constitution and dissolved Congress.
  • 1994- Kurt Cobain, lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the rock band Nirvana, died by suicide.
  • 1998-The world’s largest suspension bridge in Japan opened to traffic.
  • 2008-Charlton Heston, who won an Oscar for his starring role in Ben-Hur, died on this day.
  • 2009-Barack Obama called for a purge of the world’s nuclear weapons.
  • 2010-The Department of Transportation asked Toyota company to pay a fine of $16.4m for withholding information on faulty brakes.
  • 2013-South Korean military officials announced the deployment of two warships.
  • 2014-The first election that would feature a transfer of power via voting was held in Afghanistan.
  • 2016-PayPal announced the cancellation of a $3.6 million investment in North Carolina after the state passes anti-gay legislation.
  • 2017-Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner pulled after being criticized for trivializing demonstrations.
  • 2020-Queen Elizabeth II made a public address to the nation, “we will meet again”, for only the 5th time in her 66-year reign.
  • 2020-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to the hospital suffering from COVID-19.

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