On This Day in History, April 08

Did you know that on this day, one of the first modern programming languages was created? Want to know more facts about April 8? Read the following list to discover the historical events of this day.

  • 1904-Long Acre Square in Manhattan, New York, was renamed Times Square.
  • 1904-France and the United Kingdom signed the Entente cordiale.
  • 1935-Béla Bartók’s 5th String quartet premiered in Washington, D.C.
  • 1938-Ghanaian diplomat, 7th Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan was born on this day.
  • 1942-Arnold Schoenberg & Tudor’s ballet “Pillar of Fire” premiered in NYC
  • 1953– Jomo Kenyatta, the 1st Kenyan president, was sentenced to seven years of hard labor for his part in the organization of the rebel Mau Mau movement.
  • 1959-One of the first modern programming languages was created.
  • 1968-Gangsters Henry Hill and Jimmy Burke commit the Air France robbery, stealing $420,000 from the cargo terminal at New York City’s JFK International Airport.
  • 1974-Pablo Picasso died on this day in France.
  • 1977-Israeli premier Yitzhak Rabin resigned on this day.
  • 1983-David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear.
  • 1986- Residents of the Californian town of Carmel voted for actor Clint Eastwood as their mayor.
  • 1992-The satirical British magazine, Punch, published its final issue on this day due to falling sales and subscriptions.
  • 1992-Tennis player Arthur Ashe announced his HIV status.
  • 2004-U.S. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice testified before the 9/11 Commission.
  • 2005-Over 4 million people pay their last respects to Pope John Paul II.
  • 2012-German writer Günter Grass was labeled ‘persona non-grata’ by Israeli internal affairs due to his poem “What Must Be Said”.
  • 2013-English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher, died on this day.
  • 2019-Protests in Sudan against the government of Omar al-Bashir continued, with seven killed and 2,500 arrested in Khartoum.
  • 2020-Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democratic race for US president.

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