On This Day in History, April 09

If you have an interest in the aviation industry, you’ll love to learn that on this date in 1967, the first Boeing 737 took off on its maiden flight. Discover other events that took place on this day, April 9 in history.

Take a look!

  • 1772-Philosopher and mathematician Jean-Baptiste Le Rond d’Alembert became the permanent secretary of the French Academy of Sciences.
  • 1860-The world’s first recording of the human voice was created.
  •  1940-Germany invaded Denmark and Norway.
  •  1947-A severe Tornado hit Woodward, Oklahoma, where 200 residential blocks were completely leveled and nearly 1,000 homes were razed.
  • 1952-The Bolivian National Revolution overthrew Hugo Ballivián’s government.
  • 1959-Bill Sharman hits an NBA record 56 consecutive foul shots.
  • 1962-US President John F. Kennedy threw out 1st ball at Washington’s new DC Stadium.
  • 1963-Winston Churchill became the 1st honorary US citizen.
  • 1967-The first Boeing 737 took off on its maiden flight.
  • 1986-TV show “Dallas” announced it will revive the killed Bobby Ewing character.
  • 1986-The French government ruled against the privatization of leading French carmaker Renault, but agreed to its shares.
  • 1989-Mike Tyson struck a parking attendant when asked to move his car.
  • 1990-Don Mattingly signed a $19.7 million 5-year contract with the Yankees.
  • 1992-John Major was elected as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after his Conservative Party won the most votes in British electoral history.
  • 1992-US Fed court found Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega guilty of 8 out of 10 drug and racketeering charges.
  • 1999-The president of Niger, Ibrahim Bare Mainassara, was assassinated in an apparent coup attempt.
  • 2002-Funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother at Westminster Abbey, UK. More than a million people line the streets.
  • 2003-Iraqis turn on symbols of the former leader, pulling down a statue of Saddam Hussein and tearing it to pieces as US tanks roll into the center of Baghdad.
  • 2009-Mockumentary “Parks and Recreation” starring Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, and Aziz Ansari debuted on NBC in the US.
  • 2014- A sixteen-year-old suspect went into a school near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with two knives and stabbed twenty-two people.

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