On this Day in History, December 1

Being the first day of the last month of the year, December 1 is not just an ordinary day in history.

We bet you’re wondering what happened on this day. You’ll be surprised by our compilation of different events in different parts of the world.

  • 1913Ford Motor Co. began using a new movable assembly line that ushered in the era of mass production.
  • 1918 – The Kingdom of Iceland was established with the signing of the Act of Union with Denmark.
  • 1919 – Nancy Astor became the first woman to join the British House of Commons.
  • 1925 – The Locarno Pact finalized the treaties between World War I protagonists.
  • 1942 – In the U.S., nationwide gasoline rationing went into effect.
  • 1943 – Tehran Conference between the US, the UK, and the Soviet Union ended.
  • 1969 – The U.S. government held its first draft lottery since World War II.
  • 1973 – David Ben-Gurion, the 1st Prime Minister of Israel, died.
  • 1984 – A remote-controlled Boeing 720 jetliner was deliberately crashed into California’s Mojave Desert to test an anti-flame fuel additive.
  • 1986 – America’s President Ronald Reagan said he would welcome an investigation of the Iran-Contra affair if the Justice Department recommended it.
  • 1987 – Construction began on the Channel Tunnel between the United Kingdom and France.
  • 1988 – The first World AIDS day to raise awareness of the AIDS global epidemic was held.
  • 1990 – Iraq accepted an offer by the United States, to talk about resolving the Persian Gulf crisis.
  • 1991 – Ukrainians voted overwhelmingly for independence from the Soviet Union.
  • 1992 – Russian President Boris Yeltsin survived an impeachment attempt by hard-liners at the opening of the Russian Congress.
  • 2009 – The Treaty of Lisbon which amended the two treaties – the Maastricht Treaty and the Treaty of Rome came into force.
  • 2013 – Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos revealed “Amazon Prime Air” on “60 Minutes.” The service was planned to use unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver packages to customers.
  • 2016 – UN admitted that its peacekeepers were responsible for the cholera epidemic in Haiti in 2010 that killed 30,000.
  • 2019 – The earliest traceable patient, a 55-year-old man, developed symptoms of a novel coronavirus (Covid-19) in Wuhan, China.
  • 2019 – Iraqi parliament approved the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi after weeks of unrest and 400 deaths.

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