On This Day in History, December 2

You could be thinking that nothing major happened on December 2 simply because it’s not a public holiday or the date holds no special meaning to you. Surprisingly, there are many historic events that happened on this day in the past.

Here, take a look!

  • 1901 – King C. Gillette began selling safety razor blades.
  • 1927 –  1st Model of A Ford was sold for $385.
  • 1929 – The first skull of the Peking man was found in the caves of Zhoukoudian, 50 km outside of Peking, China.
  • 1933 – The 1st transatlantic telephone wedding.
  • 1939 – LaGuardia Airport in New York City opened.
  • 1952 – The first human birth was televised to the public on KOA-TV Denver, Colorado.
  • 1957 – Opening of the 1st US large-scale nuclear power plant for peacetime at Shipping port, Pennsylvania.
  • 1960 –  Paleoanthropologist Louis Leakey discovered 1.4 million-year-old fossils in Tanzania.
  • 1968 – US President Richard Nixon named Henry Kissinger the US security advisor.
  • 1972 Romanian tennis star Ilie Năstase successfully defended his ATP Masters Grand Prix title.
  • 1976 – Communist revolutionary Fidel Castro became the President of Cuba.
  • 1982 – Barney Clark became the first person to receive the first artificial heart transplant.
  • 1988 – Benazir Bhutto was sworn in as Pakistan’s Prime Minister.
  • 1993 – Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar died.
  • 2003 – US reality show “The Simple Life” with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie premiered on Fox.
  • 2008 – Manchester United’s Portuguese forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, won his first award as the best football player in the world.
  • 2013 – China launched its first moon rover mission.
  • 2014 – Stephen Hawking claimed that Artificial Intelligence could be a “threat to mankind” and spell the end of the human race.
  • 2014Comedian Bill Cosby resigned from the board of trustees of an American university following renewed sexual assault allegations.
  • 2016 – Donald Trump took a call with Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen, in a break from America’s long standing “One China” policy.

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