On This Day in History, February 11

On this date, we observe International Winter Bike to Work Day by rolling in the snow, ice, and cold. So hop onto your bike and cycle to work today! Make your day even more fun by learning something new with our list of world-historical events of February 11.

Check this out!

  • 1809 -Robert Fulton patented the steamboat.
  • 1903 -US Congress adopted the Expedition Act, which authorizes the Attorney General to ‘expedite’ anti-trust cases through the courts.
  • 1920 -Medical advancements were made in regard to dealing with flu epidemics
  • 1932 -Japanese troops were reported to have bombed 19 U.S. Marines.
  • 1937 -A sit-down strike against General Motors ended with the company agreeing to recognize the United Automobile Workers Union.
  • 1941 -Lt-Gen Erwin Rommel’s arrival in Tripoli.
  • 1952 -A series of deadly avalanches began in Austria, Europe.
  • 1957 -NHL Players Association formed the ‘Red Wings’ as Ted Lindsay became the elected president.
  • 1966 -SF Giant Willie Mays signed the highest contract, worth $130,000 per year.
  • 1975– The British Conservative Party chose Margaret Thatcher as its leader, thus becoming the first woman to head any British political party.
  • 1978– China lifted a ban on the works of Aristotle, William Shakespeare, and Charles Dickens.
  • 1984Wayne Gretzky set NHL short-handed season scoring, a record of 11.
  • 1990– Nelson Mandela was released from prison after 27 years.
  • 1993– President Clinton selected Janet Reno as the first female US Attorney General.
  • 1998- KVBC-FM in Las Vegas, offered Monica Lewinsky $5M for an interview.
  • 2007– Finance ministers and bankers from the G7 industrial nations renewed pressure on China to relax its controls over its currency.
  • 2009– Uri Geller purchased Lamb Island, in Scotland.
  • 2010– The European Parliament blocked an agreement that allowed the United States to monitor European bank transactions.
  • 2012- Mega-star and singer Whitney Houston died on this day in a Los Angeles hotel, the night before the Grammy Awards.
  • 2014– Democratic Governor Jay Inslee of the state of Washington suspended the death penalty.



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