On This Day in History, February 19

Did you know that Girl Scouts first sold Thin Mint cookies in 1953 and are still their most popular cookie? This date recognizes chocolate mint, so go ahead and grab some yummy treats. Remember to read more about the major events that happened on this day in history.

Take a look at the events of February 19!

  • 1878 –Thomas Edison patented the phonograph.
  • 1914 – A record amount of wheat had been produced in Western Canada.
  • 1933 – A major debate raged on both sides of the Atlantic concerning the money loaned to Great Britain for the war effort.
  • 1938 -This was a day of extreme tension and anxiety in Berlin, Germany. Hitler gave a much-anticipated speech, which was delivered to the third Reich.
  • 1942 -President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, a controversial World War II policy with lasting consequences for Japanese Americans.
  • 1945 -U.S. troops landed on the Japanese island of Iwo Jima.
  • 1950 – It was announced on this day that a dairy exhibit would take place in Ada, Oklahoma the following day.
  • 1954 – The Ford T-Bird appeared as a prototype but did not sell until in the later months costing $2,900.
  • 1968 – Damages for children born with deformities, caused by mothers taking the drug thalidomide during pregnancy, were set by the high court.
  • 1985 – Iberia Airlines Flight 610 crashed, killing 148 people on board.
  • 1986 -The “Mir” Space Station was launched.
  • 1992 – The Merchandising Equipment Group planned a massive layoff.
  • 2001 -A Suspected case of foot and mouth disease was detected at an Essex abattoir, the first case in the UK for 20 years.
  • 2004 -Former Enron Corp. chief executive Jeffrey Skilling was charged with fraud, insider trading, and other crimes in connection with the energy trader’s collapse.
  • 2008 -Cuban leader Fidel Castro stepped down.
  • 2009 -Archbishop Desmond Tutu warned Barack Obama that he risked squandering the goodwill generated by his election. He advised him to apologize to the Iraqis.
  • 2010 -Tiger Woods, issued a public apology after the scandal surrounding his private life erupted.
  • 2012 -A team at Maastricht University led by Professor Mark Post had successfully grown muscle tissue in the lab from stem cells.
  • 2013 -BMW announced the recall of  720,000 cars throughout the world, due to electrical problems.
  • 2014 -United Kingdom ministers announced that Scotland would be granted the power to issue its own investment bonds.

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