On This Day in History, February 23

Did you know that during this timeline, Italy celebrates the Carnival of Venice festival? I bet you didn’t! How about you find out what other significant events took place on this day in history?

Read the following list of historic events that happened on February 23.

  • 1920 -On this day, a proposal was made by France to hand over colonies to the U.S.
  • 1927 -US President Calvin Coolidge created the Federal Radio Commission.
  • 1934 -Casey Stengel became manager of Brooklyn Dodgers.
  • 1945 -The US took over Iwo Jima four days after landing on the Japanese-held volcanic island.
  • 1947 -US General Eisenhower opened a drive to raise $170M in aid for European Jews.
  • 1954 -1st mass inoculation against polio with the Jonas Salk vaccine took place at Arsenal Elementary School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • 1958 -5-time F1 World Drivers champion Juan Manuel Fangio was kidnapped by Cuban rebels from Fidel Castro’s Movement.
  • 1967 -Noam Chomsky’s anti-Vietnam war essay “The Responsibility of Intellectuals” was published by the New York Review of Books.
  • 1968 -Wilt Chamberlain became the 1st NBAer to score 25,000 points.
  • 1971 -George Harrison was fined & his driving license suspended for a year.
  • 1981 -A Spanish coup that was led by Civil Guard officer Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero Molina failed after a televised speech by King Juan Carlos I.
  • 1991 -US President George H. W. Bush gave Iraq a 24-hour deadline to withdraw from Kuwait or face a ground war.
  • 1997 -NBC TV shows “Schindler’s List” was completely uncensored yet 65M people watched it.
  • 1998 -Osama bin Laden published a “fatwa” declaring jihad against all Jews and Crusaders.
  • 2000 -Christina Aguilera won the 42nd Grammy Awards.
  • 2010 -Danielle Steel’s novel “Big Girl” was published.
  • 2014 -Canada won the Olympic ice hockey double with a 3-0 victory over Sweden in the men’s gold medal game. It was the first team to finish the tournament undefeated since 1984.
  • 2019 -Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir declared a national emergency, dismissed the federal government and fired all state governors.
  • 2020 -President Moon Jae-in put South Korea on high alert, thus empowering the government to lock down cities after 602 cases of COVID-19 reported with six deaths.
  • 2020Tiger Woods crashed his car and was left with injuries on both legs.

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