On This Day in History, January 19

As you enjoy winter with friends and have a talk beside the fire, this list of events that made it to the books of history should come in handy. Read below about the major events of January 19.

  • 1920 -4,000 radical leftists were rounded up, as members of the Industrial Workers of the World union they were either deported or jailed as part of the Palmer Raids.
  • 1920 -According to a news dispatch, Russia capital punishment was to end from this day.
  • 1920 -A group of 600 volunteer nurses were on task to help fight against the flu epidemic.
  • 1923 -UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Stanley Baldwin and US Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon agreed to reschedule repayment of Britain’s $4.5 billion war debt.
  • 1929 -A local New York City newspaper reviewed a jazz performance that took place the day before.
  • 1929 -The establishment of Acadia National Park, in Maine.
  • 1929 -A toad known as “Old Rip” that lived in a Texas building for 31 years died on this day.
  • 1934 -MLB Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis denied Joe Jackson’s appeal for reinstatement.
  • 1937 -Cy Young, Tris Speaker & Nap Lajorie were elected to Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • 1937 -Millionaire and aviator Howard Hughes set a transcontinental air record of 7h 28m 25s.
  • 1943 -The 1st Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began.
  • 1955 -The 1st presidential news conference was filmed on TV.
  • 1966 –Indira Gandhi was elected as the 4th Prime Minister of India.
  • 1978 -The last Volkswagen Beetle made in Germany left VW’s plant in Emden.
  • 1979 -US President Jimmy Carter announced his Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded posthumously to anthropologist Margaret Mead.
  • 1981 -Muhammad Ali talked a 21-year-old out of committing suicide.
  • 2000 – Michael Jordan returned to the NBA joining the Washington Wizards as part owner and President of Basketball Operations.
  • 2001 – Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” was finally recaptured.
  • 2012 – Rudolf Elmer, a former Swiss banker, was put on trial after being accused of money extortion and breaking banking secrecy laws.
  • 2013 – Lance Armstrong admitted having done doping in all seven of his Tour de France victories.

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