On This Day in History, January 6

Read about the mind-blowing events that made it to the books of history on January 6. Be sure to stay informed and updated with this list of historical records.

  • 1773– Massachusetts slaves made a petition to the legislature for freedom.
  • 1912- German scientist Alfred Wegener presented his theory of continental drift.
  • 1914– The stock brokerage firm of Merrill Lynch was founded.
  • 1925– Runner Paavo Nurmi, set indoor record, 4:13.6 mile & 14:44.6 5,000m.
  • 1925- Italian Dictator Mussolini forms a cabinet composed entirely of Fascists in Italy.
  • 1929- Mother Teresa arrived in Calcutta to begin her work amongst India’s poorest.
  • 1931- Thomas Edison submitted his last patent application.
  • 1936– Barbara Hanley became Canada’s 1st woman mayor in Webbwood, Ontario.
  • 1941– US President Franklin Roosevelt made his “Four Freedoms” speech during his US State of Union address.
  • 1946– Pope Pius XII published the encyclical Quemadmodum.
  • 1950– Britain recognized the Communist government of China.
  • 1967– The “Milton Berle Show” was last aired on ABC-TV.
  • 1971– Berkeley chemists announced the 1st synthetic growth hormones.
  • 1976– Ted Turner purchased the Atlanta Braves for $12 million.
  • 1992- The US Government urged doctors to stop using silicone breast implants, following the outlined health effects.
  • 1994- Skater Nancy Kerrigan was attacked just before speaking to reporters in Detroit, Michigan.
  • 2000- A major flu outbreak in the UK caused problems as the NHS hospitals got stretched to the limit.
  • 2001– George W. Bush was finally declared the official winner of the Presidential election.
  • 2006- Western China faced its worst winter in more than 20 years, with temperatures reaching -43C and more than 2 ft of snow.
  • 2014- Former basketball player Dennis Rodman arrived in North Korea with a team of other former NBA players for a game to mark Leader Kim Jong-un’s birthday.

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