On This Day in History, March 02

Do you enjoy having healthy fruits like grapes or even imbibing grape wine? Well, on this day in 1920, the U.S. farmers were asked to take good care of their grapevines to keep up with the rising prices of grapes.

Learn more interesting occurrences of March 2, that made it to the books of history.

  • 1814 – The U.S. passed its 1st immigration law.
  • 1829 -New England Asylum for the Blind, was incorporated in Boston.
  • 1861 – Government Printing Office purchased the 1st printing plant in Washington.
  • 1882 – Queen Victoria narrowly escaped assassination when Roderick Maclean shoots at her while boarding a train in Windsor.
  • 1903 – Martha Washington Hotel, catering to women only, opened in NYC.
  • 1917 -The Jones-Shafroth Act granted U.S. citizenship to Puerto Ricans – a status they still hold today.
  • 1933 – The Original King Kong movie had its world premiere in New York.
  • 1939 -Pope Pius XII was elected as the pope of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • 1946 – Ho Chi Minh was elected President of North Vietnam.
  • 1949 – The First nonstop world flight was made by a B-50 Super fortress “The Lucky Lady II ” led by Captain James Gallagher.
  • 1949 -The first automatic streetlights were installed in New Milford, Connecticut.
  • 1969 – In Toulouse, France, the supersonic transport Concorde made its first test flight.
  • 1984 – The first McDonald’s franchise was closed.
  • 1985 – The U.S. government approved a screening test for AIDS to be used to keep infected blood from entering the blood supply.
  • 1987 – The U.S. government reported that the median price for a new home had gone over $100,000 for the first time.
  • 1995 – Nick Leeson was arrested for his role in the collapse of Britain’s Barings Bank.
  • 1998 – Images from the American spacecraft Galileo revealed that the Jupiter moon Europa has a liquid ocean and a source of interior heat.
  • 2000– In Great Britain, Chile’s former President Augusto Pinochet Ugarte was freed from house arrest.
  • 2011– Apple CEO, Steve Jobs unveiled apple’s iPad 2.
  • 2016– Astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth after 340 days in space.



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