On This Day in History, March 08

March 8 has got many celebrations, but worth noting is the worldwide celebration of International Women’s Day. As you celebrate the amazing women in your life, take some time off to learn about other historic events of this day.

Here is a list of the significant events that happened on March 8 in history.

  • 1920 – An editorial of a possible kidnapping in Mexico was thought of as not far from the truth.
  • 1934- Edwin Hubble’s photo showed there are as many galaxies as Milky Way has stars.
  • 1936 – For the first time ever, car racing was done in Daytona.
  • 1942 – The Dutch surrendered to the Japanese, which lead to the beginning of the end of Dutch Power in the East Indies.
  • 1951 – The Lonely Hearts killers, were executed in Sing Sing Prison’s electric chair.
  • 1964 -The Chicago Black Hawks bumped the Montreal Canadians out of their first-place National Hockey League Spot.
  • 1964- Malcolm X resigned from the Nation of Islam.
  • 1972 -On this day, a bomb was planted inside an unoccupied TWA Boeing 707 jet plane.
  • 1973 -Paul & Linda McCartney were fined £100 for growing cannabis.
  • 1982 -The United States accused Soviets of using poison gas in Afghanistan.
  • 1986-  Martina Navratilova was the 1st tennis player to earn $10 million.
  • 1999- The Supreme Court of the United States upheld the murder convictions of Timothy McVeigh for the Oklahoma City bombing.
  • 1999- U.S.A. Joe DiMaggio died at the age of 84.
  • 2008-President Bush vetoed a bill that would explicitly prohibit the Central Intelligence Agency from using interrogation methods, including waterboarding.
  • 2011-Nineteen million dollars worth of jewelry that was stolen from a Harry Winston boutique, in a 2008-armed robbery, was found in a drain at a Parisian suburb.
  • 2012-The Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, recalled over 600,000 vehicles.
  • 2014- Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with 239 people lost contact and disappeared mysteriously.
  • 2018-US President Donald Trump authorized tariffs on steel and aluminum, excluding Canada and Mexico.
  • 2018- 5 million Spanish women marked International Women’s Day by striking over gender inequality and sexual discrimination.
  • 2021- US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that the COVID-9 pandemic has had an “extremely unfair” effect on income and economic opportunities for women.

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