On This Day in History, May 10

May 10 is National Shrimp Day. In America, shrimp is consumed more than any other type of seafood, hence, it deserves its own day! Amazing food fact there!

Below is a list of significant events of May 10, that made it to the books of history.

  • 1503-Christopher Columbus discovered the Cayman Islands.
  • 1869-In the United States, the first coast-to-coast railroad was completed.
  • 1908-The first Mother’s Day observance took place during a church service in Grafton, West Virginia.
  • 1915-Canadian physician Cluny MacPherson first presented his gas mask invention to the British War Office.
  • 1915-J. Edgar Hoover was appointed head of the FBI.
  • 1930-The Adler Planetarium opened to the public in Chicago, IL.
  • 1933-German rulers ceremonially burn about 25,000 allegedly “un-German” books.
  • 1941-Adolf Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess, parachuted into Scotland to broker a peace agreement.
  • 1954-Bill Haley released “Rock Around the Clock”.
  • 1962-Marvel Comics published the first issue of “The Incredible Hulk.”
  • 1978-Britain’s Princess Margaret and the Earl of Snowdon announced they were divorcing after 18 years of marriage.
  • 1986-Navy Lt. Commander Donnie Cochran became the first black pilot to fly with the Blue Angels team.
  • 1988-Edgar Degas’ “Danseresje of 14” sold for $10,120,000.
  • 1991-Oakland A’s Jose Canseco was seen leaving singer Madonna’s apartment.
  • 1994-Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black president.
  • 1997-An earthquake in northeastern Iran killed at least 2,400 people.
  • 2001-Boeing Co. announced that it would be moving its headquarters to Chicago, IL.
  • 2002-Robert Hanssen was sentenced to life in prison with no chance for parole.
  • 2002-Dr. Pepper announced that it would be introducing a new flavor, Red Fusion, for the first time in 117 years.
  • 2008-Philippine court acquitted Imelda Marcos in a 17-year-old case of 32 counts of illegal transfer of wealth totaling $863 million in Swiss bank accounts.

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