On this Day in History, November 10

Believe it or not, almost every day of every year has a history of celebrating famous people for things they did or things that were first invented.

We have compiled some of the events that happened on November 10.

  • 1775 – The U.S. Marine Corps was created.
  • 1903 – The US patent office granted inventor Mary Anderson a patent for automatic windshield wipers.
  • 1918 – Independence of Poland was proclaimed by Józef Piłsudski.
  • 1938 – Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the first president of Turkey, died.
  • 1950 – Jacobo Árbenz was elected President of Guatemala.
  • 1970 – The Great Wall of China opened for tourism.
  • 1975 – The U.N. General Assembly approved a resolution that equated Zionism with racism.
  • 1977 – The Major Indoor Soccer League was officially organized in New York City.
  • 1978 – Israel’s top negotiators broke away from Middle East peace talks.
  • 1982 – Soviet leader Leonid I. Brezhnev died of a heart attack at age 75.
  • 1983 – The U.S. Federal government shut down.
  • 1989 – Bulgarian party president Todor Zjikov resigned.
  • 1989 – Germans began demolishing the Berlin Wall.
  • 1990 – Chandra Shekhar was sworn in as India’s new prime minister.
  • 1994 – Iraq recognized Kuwait’s borders in the hope that the action would end trade sanctions.
  • 1998 – At the White House, “The Virtual Wall” website (www.thevirtualwall.org) was unveiled.
  • 2001 – The World Trade Organization approved China’s membership.
  • 2012 – The final US presidential election results were declared after Barack Obama won Florida, defeating Mitt Romney 332-206 in Electoral College votes.
  • 2014 – Ethel Kennedy was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama and the first wife.
  • 2019 – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced the discovery of a new oil field with an estimated 53 million barrels of oil.
  • 2020 – The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S were released by Microsoft.

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