On this Day in History, November 16

What’s new today? Who’s trending? These are questions we often ask on a daily basis. But do you ever stop to think of the things that happened in history?

Below is a compilation of the events that happened in history, on November 16.

  • 1907Oklahoma was admitted as the 46th state of the United States.
  • 1915 – Coca-Cola had its prototype for a contoured bottle patented.
  • 1918 – Hungarian People’s Republic was declared.
  • 1933 – The United States and the Soviet Union established diplomatic relations for the first time.
  • 1933 – Brazilian President Getulio Vargas declared himself a dictator.
  • 1945 – UNESCO was founded.
  • 1950 – Egyptian King, Faruk, demanded the departure of all British troops.
  • 1961 – U.S. President John F Kennedy decided to increase military aid to South Vietnam without committing US combat troops.
  • 1969 – U.S. President Nixon became the first president to attend a season NFL game while in office.
  • 1973 – U.S. President Nixon signed the Alaska Pipeline measure into law.
  • 1981 – A vaccine for hepatitis B was approved.
  • 1985 – U.S. President Reagan arrived in Geneva for a summit with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.
  • 1988 – Estonians declared sovereignty from the Soviet Union.
  • 1995 – Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother underwent hip surgery.
  • 1998 – The U.S. Supreme Court said that union members could file discrimination lawsuits against employers even when labor contracts require arbitration.
  • 2000 – Bill Clinton became the first serving U.S. president to visit Communist Vietnam.
  • 2001 – The movie “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” opened in the U.S. and U.K.
  • 2010 – An engagement was announced between Prince William and Catherine [Kate] Middleton at Clarence House, London.
  • 2015 – French President François Hollande declared the country was at war with ISIS, in an address to parliament.
  • 2019 – Former defense secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, won the Sri Lankan Presidential election.

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