On this Day in History, October 17

Looking for any significant events that happened on this day? Worry not, we have compiled a list of historic events that occurred on October 17, sure to pique your interest.

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  • 1907 – The first commercial wireless telegraph was sent over the Atlantic Ocean.
  • 1922 – Scottish worker began hunger march from Glasgow, London.
  • 1927 – The post office in U.S. encouraged people to use the service more.
  • 1933 – Dr. Albert Einstein moved to Princeton, NJ, after leaving Germany.
  • 1947 –  Britain and Burma signed an agreement giving Burma full independence.
  • 1947 – A major fire in Maine destroyed more than a couple of hundred thousand acres of land along with several hundred of homes and at least a few hundred cottages.
  • 1956 – 13-year-old Bobby Fischer defeated 1953 U.S. Chess Champion Donald Byrne in the Rosenwald Memorial Tournament.
  • 1957– The White House was visited by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip.
  • 1957 – French author Albert Camus was awarded Nobel Prize in Literature.
  • 1959 – Queen Elizabeth II was fined $140 for withdrawing her race horse.
  • 1967 – Memorial service for Brian Epstein at New London Synagogue.
  • 1970 – Anwar Sadat sworn in as the 3rd President of Egypt.
  • 1979 – Mother Teresa of India was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • 1987 – US First Lady Nancy Reagan went through a modified radical mastectomy.
  • 1994 Israel and Jordan initialed a draft peace treaty.
  • 2000 –  A train crash happened at Hatfield, north of London, leading to collapse of Railtrack.
  • 2003 -The Food and Drug Administration in the USA approved a drug, known as memantine, to help people with Alzheimer’s symptoms.
  • 2003 -The Carnforth railway station in northwest England, reopened as a heritage center.
  • 2006 – The United States population reached 300 million people.
  • 2015 – Star forward Cristiano Ronaldo became Real Madrid’s all-time leading scorer across all competitions.

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