On this Day in History, October 24

Any day or year is a potential historical event, depending on who and what was involved. Perhaps you only know of October 24 as your birthday date, wedding anniversary, or the day when you graduated from university.

Did you know that there are so many events that happened on the same day in history? Check out this compilation.

  • 1795 – The country of Poland was divided up between Austria, Prussia, and Russia.
  • 1861 – Justice Stephen J. Field of California transmitted the first transcontinental telegram message to U.S. President Lincoln.
  • 1929 – Investors dumped more than 13 million shares on the U.S. stock market.
  • 1930 – President Washington of Brazil was deposed by the head of the armed forces in a coup.
  • 1932 – The British government signed a trade treaty with the Soviet Union.
  • 1938 – America forbid child labor in factories.
  • 1945United Nations was formally established, less than a month after World War II.
  • 1948 – The term “cold war” was used for the first time, in a speech by Bernard Baruch before the Senate War Investigating Committee.
  • 1949 – The cornerstone for the U.N. Headquarters was laid in New York City.
  • 1951 – United Nations published its first postage stamps.
  • 1964Zambia gained independence from British rule.
  • 1980 – The Polish government legalized independent labor union Solidarity.
  • 1980 – Great Britain performed a nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.
  • 1986 – After a Jordanian was convicted in an attempted bombing, Britain broke off its relations with Syria.
  • 1990 – USSR performed a  nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya.
  • 2002 – Microsoft Corp. and Walt Disney Co. announced the release of an upgraded MSN Internet service with Disney content.
  • 2008 – The  International Monetary Fund gave Iceland a £1.3 billion bailout package.
  • 2018 – The largest jackpot in US history at $1.6 billion was won by one person in South Carolina.
  • 2018 – The European Union directed the ban of single-use plastics by 2021.
  • 2020 – Colombia recorded more than 1 million cases of COVID-19, becoming the 8th globally and 3rd in Latin America.

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