Sports Fun Facts

There are plenty of things you probably don’t know about sports. For example, Did you know that a single golf ball has over 300 dimples? Wait! Did someone take their precious time to count the dimples?  Did you also know that golf was historically banned in England in 1457? Intriguing facts about the glorious game of golf, huh? Well, there are even more facts, sports is a wide yet very interesting world.

Sports Fun Facts – For A Random State In the World

Sports are important because they keep our society fit and healthy and with a strong bond. 

Are you a sports fan who religiously keeps up with the box score? Do you cling to your couch whenever there’s an ongoing game? Are you constantly googling the outcome of a game you missed last night? Do you tend to predict that a certain team will win over another? Yeah, we do too. It’s certain you will enjoy participating in fun sports trivia to help gauge your knowledge.

 You probably think you know all the facts in sports. You know when your favorite celebrity players started playing, which medals they’ve won, who are their role models, how much money they make, and many more. However,  sports is a field of competition, meaning there’s so much to learn every time. “Which other facts don’t I know?” We’re happy you asked.

We have prepared for you some intriguing and jaw-dropping truths that are definitely fit for you.

Hey, Sports fan! Wear your sports shoes! It’s game time. 

Sports fun facts

  • The sport of badminton was initially called “Poona”.
  • Ari Petrof is a National Sauna Champion.
  • Maryland’s state sport is jousting.
  • The first use of the word Superbowl dates back to the third century.
  • The average MLB baseball rotates 15 when thrown.
  • The Dallas Cowboys hired the NFL’s first cheer team.
  • A forfeited game in baseball is automatically a 9-0.
  • Babe Ruth had a habit of placing cabbage leaf in his cap.
  • A year’s supply of footballs would require 35,000 cows.
  • The Olympics stopped using actual gold medals after 1912.
  • The Wimbledon championship makes use of over 42,000 tennis balls on average.
  • 60% of runners listen to music while running.
  • Turk Wendell used to brush his teeth every inning.
  • Left-handed people are better at particular sports.
  • Formula One cars generate a lot of downforce.
  • Hundreds and thousands of balls are used in one season of MLB.
  • Kite flying is a professional sport.
  • A single golf ball has over 300 dimples.
  • Kevin Nash is the second most recruited player in Michigan.
  • The Super Bowl’s commercials run as long as a full-length movie.
  • The original Stanley Cup was smaller.
  • Breaststroke is the first stroke in swimming.
  • Basketballs and rugby balls are made from the same material.
  • The faceoff in hockey was not its original term.
  • A boxing heavyweight champion invented the household wrench.
  • Diego Maradona is guilty of faking his drug test.
  • Only one sport has ever been played on the moon...A game of golf on the moon was recorded in 1971.
  • A baseball has exactly 108 stitches.
  • There are only two days a year where there are no professional sports games.
  • Boxing only became a legal sport in 1901.
  • Cy Young holds an MLB record that many aspire to beat.
  • The LA Lakers are popular in the Bahamas.
  • The first baseball caps were made from straws.
  • It is believed that brown-eyed baseball players perform better than blue-eyed ones.
  • An incomplete forward pass once cost a team a 15-yard penalty.
  • Hunting is a popular sport among Americans.
  • No high jumper can stay off the ground for more than a second.
  • Three consecutive strikes in bowling has a term.
  • Fishing is the biggest participant sport on the planet.
  • The NFL is required to provide 36 footballs for outdoor games.
  • Tug of war was once an Olympic event.
  • Golf balls reach speeds of 170 mph.
  • The first modern Olympic games were held in Athens, Greece.
  • Identifying players by their jersey number was popularized by baseball.
  • Injuries from exercise equipment is common.
  • Snowboarding used to be banned at resorts in the early 1980's.
  • The actual game time for an MLB game is 9 minutes and 55 seconds.
  • The average MLB baseball lasts for 5-7 pitches.
  • Jeanne-Genevieve Garnerin is the first female parachutist.
  • Wilt Chamberlain never fouled out of a game.
  • Sports Command has the biggest television audience in sports media.
  • The Kentucky Derby is the oldest sports event in the US.
  • Table tennis balls can travel off the paddle at a speed of 105.6 mph.
  • More people from nudist colonies play volleyball than any other sport.
  • Umpires once sat in padded rocking chairs.
  • The longest recorded tennis match lasted for 11 hours.
  • Obsessive sports media began in 1898.
  • Most NASCAR teams use nitrogen in their tires instead of air.
  • Jesse Owens once broke four world records under 45 minutes.
  • Many players from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles were lost to the WW2 military service.
  • Cheetahs were once raced at Romford Greyhound Stadium.
  • Wade Boggs only ate chicken on the day of a game.
  • Pittsburgh is the only American city with 3 sports teams that uses the same colors.
  • Before the rules were changed in 1900, prizefights lasted 100 rounds.
  • The favorite bet at the horse track wins roughly 30% or less of the time.
  • Danny Heep is the first player in the World Series to be a DH. (Designated Hitter)
  • The record for the most Olympic medals won is held by a gymnast.
  • The first Olympic race was won by a chef.
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates became the first professional team to have all nine players be of black or Latino descent.
  • Softball was introduced as an Olympic medal sport in 1996.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the all-time leading scorer in the NBA.
  • The referee once tossed every ball in every game for years.
  • Michael Jordan makes a lot of money from Nike.
  • The man on the NBA logo was a former player.
  • In 1990, Michael Jordan had his jersey stolen while they were away to play against the Orlando Magic.
  • Baseball umpires are required to wear black underwear.
  • Baseball player, Ken Griffey Jr. is allergic to chocolate.
  • Golf was banned in England during 1457.
  • The oldest continuous trophy sports is the America’s Cup.
  • More than 100 children are conceived annually at the Super Bowl parking lot during tailgate parties.
  • Baseball player, Gaylord Perry hit his first and only home run a few hours after Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.
  • In 1994, Bulgaria had the only soccer team where all players last names ended in ‘OV’.
  • What Mexican sport involves waving a red cape at a dangerous animal?

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