300 This or That Questions for Adults

That awkward moment when your friends subconsciously leave you with an acquaintance, and you have no clue of how to start a fun conversation. Pulling “this or that” questions for adults should come in handy.

The purpose of these questions is usually to help adults break the ice, or serve as a way to know each other. Some questions will spark meaningful conversations, while others will make you realize how much you have in common.

This or That Questions for Adults

We have divided these questions into categories that may interest you such as various foods, favorite shows, music choice, fun activities e.t.c. It’s up to you to choose what you prefer between the given items.

Enjoy our list of this or that questions for adults, sure to keep your interactions worthwhile.


1. Bad haircut or bad dye job?

2. Dinosaur or dragon?

3. Underwater or up in the air?

4. Pineapple pizza or candy corn?

5. Chapter book or picture book?

6. Student or teacher?

7. Talking pets or talking babies?

8. Space ship or robot?

9. Doctor or patient?

10. Winning the lottery or finding your soulmate?

11. Monster truck or race car?

12. Trash or treasure?

13. Misquoted movies or mistaken lyrics?

14. Lego or Magna tiles?

15. Fast or slow?

16. Test the waters or dive in the deep end?

17. Fairies or princesses?

18. Trees or flowers?

19. Glass half full or glass half empty?

20. Rainbows or butterflies?

21. Coffee or tea?

22. Ketchup or ranch?

23. Jump rope or karate?

24. Wine or beer?

25. Phone in the bathroom or no phone in the bathroom?

26. Binoculars or telescope?

27. Bacon or sausage?

28. Sort by price or by rating?

29. Tea or soda?

30. Crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter?

31. Christmas or your birthday?

32. Grill or Bar-b-que?

33. Funny story or one-liner?

34. Slime or marbles?

35. Dust or vacuum?

36. Working hard or hardly working?

37. Pasta or rice?

38. Sneezing or coughing?

39. Minecraft or Fortnite?

40. Sneakers or flip-flops?

41. Snow day or weekend?

42. Heels or flats?

43. Board game or card game?

44. Bare feet or shoes?

45. Air guitar or air drums?

46. Bouncy chair or bean bag?

47. Hairdryer or air dry?

48. Coat or jacket?

49. Robots or dinosaurs?

50. Paw Patrol or Mickey Mouse?

51. Fainting or spit take?

52. Monkeys or Koalas?

53. Piercings or tattoos?

54. Aerobic exercise or yoga?

55. Lions or tigers?

56. Arctic or the tropics?

57. Art festivals or music festivals?

58. Speeding ticket or parking ticket?

59. Comedian in a serious film or serious actor in a comedy film?

60. Cartwheels or somersaults?

61. Baseball or basketball?

62. Instagram famous or infomercial famous?

63. Ponytail or braid?

64. Play sports or watch sports?

65. Bowling or skating?

66. A store where every item is free or a restaurant where every dish is calorie free?

67. Sharks or alligators?

68. Blanket or comforter?

69. Basket or box?

70. Passwords or secret handshakes?

71. Paper clips or staples?

72. Loud neighbors or nosey neighbors?

73. Money or screen time?

74. Air conditioner or ceiling fan?

75. Babies dressed as animals or animals dressed as humans?

76. Clean your room or do a chore?

77. Fire pit or fireplace?

78. Netflix or Hulu?

79. Blanket fort or sandcastle?

80. Pet or no pet?

81. Night or morning?

82. Hearts or stars?

83. Happiness or wealth?

84. Rich and famous or rich and unknown?

85. Stuffed animals or dolls?

86. Wet or dry?

87. Passenger or driver?

88. Tag or hide and seek?

89. Funny or romantic?

90. Roses or wildflowers?

91. Car or bike?

92. A room that’s painted one color or a room that’s painted a bunch of colors?

93. Ride a skateboard or ride a scooter?

94. Smile or game face?

95. Owe money or owe a favor?

96. Wear sandals or shoes?

97. Personal chef or personal fitness trainer?

98. Be embarrassed or be afraid?

99. Bugs or worms?

100. Jokes or riddles?

101. Smartphone or tablet?

102. Computer games or video games?

103. Christmas or Halloween?

104. Play or standup show?

105. Clean the bathroom or clean the kitchen?

106. Evil or good?

107. Sex or cuddling

108. Panda or lion?

109. IOS Or Android?

110. Disney+ or Netflix?

111. Perfect Teeth Or Perfect Hair?

112. Tik Tok or YouTube?

113. Mansion In The Suburbs Or Cabin In The Mountains?

114. Zombie outbreak or an alien invasion?

115. Charming Or Genuine?

116. Peanut butter or Nutella?

117. Weird Or Normal?

118. College right after high school or gap year?

119. Slacker Or Over-Achiever?

120. A day with your best friend or a party with everyone you know?

121. Real Or Artificial?

122. Alcohol or weed?

123. While Walking: Music Or Podcasts?

124. Bar of soap or shower gel?

125. Credit Card Or Cash?

126. Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?

127. Sun-kissed golden goddess or snow-white ice princess?

128. Iced Coffee Or Hot Coffee?

129. Meet Barack Obama or Donald Trump?

130. Skydiving Or Bungee Jumping?

131. Thailand or Italy for vacation?

132. TV Or Book?

133. Be the class clown or a class nerd?

134. Giving a gift or receiving a gift?

135. Save Or Spend?

136. Glasses or contacts?

137. Marry Or Live-In Relationship?

138. Marriage or career?

139. A partner who smokes or drinks?

140. Sunrise Or Sunset?

141. Life Or Death?

142. Living room or bedroom?

143. Divorce or staying in a bad marriage for the kids?

144. Dress out for a night out with your partner, or wear sweats and cuddle at home?

145. Couple’s trip to a beach or in a forest?

146. Alaska or Hawaii for your honeymoon?

147. Condominium or house?

148. Be your partner’s boss or employee?

149. Badly Wounded Or Dead?

150. Forgotten Or Remembered For All The Wrong Reasons?

151. Sweetheart or honey?

152. Fast or slow?

153. Lookalike or sound alike?

154. Rich And Bored, Or Employed And Tired?

155. Share a toothbrush or share a pillow?

156. Big or small wedding?

157. New year’s eve or Valentine’s day?

158. Convertible or minivan?

159. Chandelier or lamps?

160. Destination or beach wedding?

161. Get a kiss goodbye in the morning or allow you to sleep without kissing you?

162. Get married but have no kids or single with kids?

163. Work in the office or work at home?

164. Play it safe or take risks?

165. Fancy car or fancy house?

166. Bake a cake or buy a cake?

167. A successful career or happy family life?

168. Make lots of money or make a huge impact on the world?

169. Marry and divorce or never marry at all?

170. Travel the world or focus on your career?

171. Friend zoned or ghosted?

172. Live as a happy fool or tortured artist?

173. Be a heartbreaker or the one that always gets your heart broken?

174. Be a psychopath or sociopath?

175. Born in the future or the past?

176. Have a cute or beautiful face?

177. Fall in love and die, or live an immortal life alone?

178. Be a jack of all trades or incredibly talented in one thing?

179. Be financially bankrupt or emotionally bankrupt?

180. Be invisible or able to read minds?

181. Adult mind in a child body or a child’s mind in an adult body?

182. Live life as a paranoid millionaire or carefree average person?

183. Join a gunfight or a knife fight?

184. Look at every mirror you see or never look at a mirror?

185. Take care of a pet rock or pet tarantula?

186. Have a third nipple or an extra toe?

187. Give up alcohol for a year or give up your cell phone for a month?

188. Be a dragon or unicorn?

189. Math or science?

190. Have bad breath or stinky feet?

191. Clean-freak or messy?

192. Jeans or trackpants?

193. Be a Russian oligarch or a Saudi oil tycoon?

194. Stay in or go out?

195. Be a vampire or a werewolf?

196. Camera shy or camera hog?

197. Ability to fly or teleport?

198. Europe or Asia?

199. Underdressed or overdressed?

200. Gold or silver?

201. Rainy days or sunshine?

202. Be an ugly genius or a hot moron?

203. Following the rules or breaking the rules?

204. Be at the mercy of Cersei Lannister or Ramsay Bolton?

205. Waking to an alarm or without an alarm?

206. Talking or listening?

207. Constipated or have diarrhea?

208. Lie to your parents or lie to your friends?

209. Book smart or street smart?

210. A live-in chef or a live-in cleaner?

211. Live without the internet for a week or not take a bath for a month?

212. Olympic medal or Academy Award?

213. Be extremely smart or extremely lucky?

214. Be your own boss, or work for someone else?

215. Stuck in traffic for 6 hours or ride a bike for 8 hours?

216. Pizza or cheeseburger?

217. Get covered in edible body paint or wear edible underwear?

218. Bus or train?

219. Sex in the car or the hallway?

220. Watching movies or listening to music?

221. Sex on the first date or when you break up?

222. Sweet or savory?

223. Fool around with your crush or with your ex?

224. 80s or 90s?

225. Dirty books or dirty movies?

226. Meet someone on Tinder or on a blind date?

227. Always lose or never play?

228. Fiction or non-fiction book?

229. Rock climb or scuba dive?

230. Regret sleeping with someone or regret never trying?

231. Good news first or bad news first?

232. Break the law or break a heart?

233. Play with hot wax or ice cubes?

234. Have a twin brother or a twin sister?

235. Get blindfolded or handcuffed?

236. Be angry or be worried?

237. Give a lap dance or get one?

238. Massage or facial?

239. Make out in an elevator or in an Uber?

240. Bed or couch?

241. Roleplay as doctor and patient or teacher?

242. Christmas or birthday?

243. Top or bottom?

244. Chicken drumsticks or wings?

245. Take a bubble bath or a steamy shower?

246. Pet chimpanzee or meerkat?

247. Lipstick or lip gloss?

248. Saturday or Sunday?

249. Switch bodies with your mom or dad?

250. Visit New York or Los Angeles?

251. Cremation or burial?

252. Personal chef or personal trainer?

253. Eat a cricket or a worm?

254. Work with an asshole or a liar?

255. Busy or quiet?

256. Take a vacation together, or start a business together?

257. Locked or unlocked?

258. Have the ability to talk to animals or become an animal?

259. High heels or ballet flats?

260. Private jet or private island?

261. Be a pirate or a witch?

262. Be known as a baby or a bully?

263. Scrambled eggs or fried eggs?

264. Night vision or X-Ray vision?

265. Staycation or glamping?

266. Breakfast or no breakfast?

267. Apples or oranges?

268. Morning shower or evening shower?

269. Travel alone or travel with friends?

270. Sahara Desert or Antarctica?

271. Get a good morning text or a good night text from the person that you’re dating?

272. Be famous or not be famous?

273. Bagels or muffins?

274. Italian or Thai Food?

275. White bread or brown bread?

276. Be a doctor or a lawyer?

277. Fireman or policeman?

278. Teacher or student?

279. Ask a question or answer a question?

280. Brains or beauty?

281. Strength or intelligence?

282. Kiss a horse or a cow?

283. Noise or silence?

284. Eat dog food or cat food?

285. Truth or happiness?

286. Scrabble or Monopoly?

287. Spontaneous or planned?

288. Inside or outside?

289. Alone or crowds?

290. Bert or Ernie?

291. Tom or Jerry?

292. Moonlight or candelight?

293. Clean up poop or clean up vomit?

294. TV on or TV off?

295. Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato?

296. Paint or draw?

297. Sit or stand?

298. Cartwheel or handstand?

299. Hare or the tortoise?

300. Bike-riding or roller-skating?

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