Top 4 Hairless Chihuahua Facts

The hairless Chihuahua is a unique, petite, compact type of dog with smooth skin. It has slender legs, a short and pointed muzzle, big rounded eyes, and large pricked ears.

Hairless Chihuahua comes in a myriad of colors such as black, white, gray, or splotches of white on gray or brown.

Top 4 Shocking Facts About Hairless Chihuahua

Top 4 Shocking Facts About Hairless Chihuahua

As the smallest among dog breeds, a hairless Chihuahua has a stature that displays longer than what it does at all. Its head will sit straight, and its tail is always up whenever it walks.

Let’s dive into the top 4 outstanding facts about this calm, loyal and loving friend.

  • Hairless Chihuahua Have a Genetic Defect

The Hairless Chihuahua has a rare congenital disability that causes him to be hairless out of a genetic mutation. This congenital disability can lead to neurological problems like epilepsy.

Hairless Chihuahuas are equally vocal, sassy, and upbeat as their fluffier counterparts. Except for some genetic abnormalities, hairless Chihuahuas still have the same personality and traits as regular, coated Chihuahuas. 

Always ensure to take care of the pups as they are also prone to losing their white teeth at a younger age. As they mature, they may suffer from patellar luxation, hypoglycaemia, and folic acid.

Hairless pups are born with a weak point on their skull, and it is essential to keep a close look up to six months after they are born. Other common health effects are earwax build-up and flaky skin in hairless Chihuahua.

  • Hairless Chihuahua Have Feisty Temperaments

Just like the American bully, the hairless Chihuahua is also among the most aggressive dogs and will defend itself from stout dogs despite their petite size. They are territorial and will play by their own rules and protect their spaces. You will therefore need to constantly monitor them in unfamiliar environments.

Hairless Chihuahuas are also known to be calm, loving, and compassionate to their family. They have endearing personality traits, including loyalty, protectiveness, playfulness, affection, and even-temperedness.

A hairless Chihuahua makes the perfect addition to your family. It’s such a tiny dog, yet it has an epic personality and tons of love to give to you and your loved ones.

  • Hairless Chihuahua Make the Perfect Watch Dogs

Do not be surprised if your hairless Chihuahua alerts you of intruders in the compound. Since controlling their barking is nearly impossible, they require early socialization exposure to various people, sounds, and sights. This way, the pups grow into well-rounded dogs.

Hairless Chihuahuas are often compared to terriers (Japanese terriers, Brazilian terriers, Australian terriers e.t.c.) because of their boldness and confidence. They are sensitive individuals who are only fond of their owners’ company and affection.

When out for a walk or in the yard, they do not appreciate the attention from strangers. However, they don’t mind making new pals if properly introduced.

Hairless Chihuahua’s wariness of strangers and vigilant nature make them ideal watchdogs.

  • Hairless Chihuahua Have High Metabolism 

Hairless Chihuahuas burn heat quickly and can experience breathing issues due to the cold. Their high metabolism rate can make them shiver when nervous or excited.

The distinct hairless factor only adds to extra care and attention to avoid the deadly cold. It is vital to keep them warm, as the cold can cause dehydration and hypothermia.

Hairless Chihuahuas obviously do not shed, but require regular coat grooming and wearing a warm coat throughout the year.


Hairless Chihuahuas are exceptionally loving and affectionate to their caretakers. It has an aggressive temperament to make up for its bald coat. Their wariness toward strangers and vigilant nature make her an ideal watchdog.

While you don’t have to worry about cleaning their hairless coat, you still have to wash their skin occasionally. Remember, hairlessness doesn’t translate to less maintenance. Always wash the wrinkled skin parts where moisture builds up, which can lead to skin complications.


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