Top 9 Brazilian Terrier Facts

The Brazilian Terrier traces its origin to Brazil and is one excellent pet companion because of its friendly and playful nature. If you’ve been thinking of purchasing this canine, there are notable aspects that you need to comprehend.

9 Astonishing Facts about the Brazilian Terrier

Astonishing Facts about the Brazilian Terrier

This article is the ultimate guide that you need for your hound. It has everything you should know about these doggies.


The Brazilian Terrier’s body is slight to moderate build, slim, and well balanced. They’re appealing because of their alertness and short and smooth hair. Their legs are long and slender, giving their bodies an athletic appearance. The Brazilian Terrier’s paws are rounded and small, which provides them with stability.

Also, the hound’s ears are tip over, triangular, and their eyes are very observant. Its mouth is dainty, while the nose is medium-sized, glossy black.

Weight and Size

The Brazilian Terriers weigh between 15.5 to 22.5 pounds. The size of the male hounds varies from 13.5 to 15.5 inches, while the female ones range between 13 and 15.5 inches.

Coloring and Coat

The Brazilian Terrier is very appealing. This hound has a short, refined, and smooth coat which is primarily white with brown, black, and blue markings. Over its eyes, there are tan markings on both sides of the muzzle, inside and ear edges.


The breed is entertaining, energetic, and self-reliant. It’s gentle and friendly to the people they know. They make the best watchdog as they’re very vocal. Though small, they’re fearless and will bark at any alien.

When you’ve children, these hounds are excellent playmates, as long as your kids won’t pull their ears or tail. But even if your children are well behaved, don’t leave them alone with the Brazilian Terrier.

Due to its powerful prey drive, the breed is fond of chasing small animals. Still, the hound will play and work with others. It will go back to get your attention when you are bored or feel neglected. Generally, the hound is rarely aggressive.


These canines require excellent food that suits their age and standard size. Like other dogs, you’ll have to monitor the food portions so that the puppy doesn’t become obese. Also, refrain from giving the Brazilian Terrier many treats besides the regular meals. The treats will make it gain immense weight.


This canine coat doesn’t require a professional for its maintenance. This canine shedding is moderate, and you can control it using at-home remedies. You’ll have to brush the coat three times a week and their teeth daily to prevent periodontal diseases. Again, bathe them once a week.


These canines are super active. When you don’t subject them to adequate exercise, they become uneasy. To get them to burn their energy, consider having play sessions and long walks daily. The canines will do marvelous in competitive obedience and rallies for dog sports.

Again, residents who have a restricted space can’t accommodate the hound’s high exercise demand. If you’re keeping the Brazilian Terrier, include exercises that stimulate the hounds mentally, like puzzles. That will make them refrain from destructive activities like damaging your households, incessant barking, and digging.


The canine is easily trainable, but stubborn sometimes. The breed hates loneliness and will be destructive when bored or lonely. To keep this at bay, give the Brazilian Terrier enough mental and physical exercise.

Further, the hounds are highly intelligent, making them excellent contenders in obedience and agility training. They’re eager and have the potential to learn new tricks, a factor that has made them secure circus jobs.


These hounds have hybrid vigor, making them hardy and robust. Nonetheless, when purchasing them, it’s vital to have them screened for Hip Dysplasia, Luxating Patella, Epilepsy, ear infections, and skin allergies.


These high-spirited dogs are fun and good pet companions when well trained. You’ll love their zeal because they are super active. When the Brazilian Terrier is not running, it’s digging or exploring. Further, its maintenance is affordable as you can groom at home.

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