What are the 7 Deadly Sins, and How did they Begin?

That is a sin!

You should have known better!

These are statements used when reprimanding someone for doing something wrong, especially in religious matters.

Hey, what is sin? A sin is an immoral act considered to be a transgression against the divine law. Different religions have different interpretations of what it means to commit a sin and what the repercussions are.

We have compiled the seven deadly sins and how they began.

The 7 Deadly Sins and How They Began

While sins against God are numerous, there are seven deadly sins, also known as capital vices or cardinal sins. Although they are not necessarily mentioned in the Bible, they are a grouping and classification of vices within the Christian teachings.

Here, take a look.

1. Pride

Remember your high school classmate who couldn’t climb off the high horse because she was the best science student and always made other students feel like they were not “cut out” for science?

We all ought to be confident in ourselves as human beings and our achievements in life. Yes, folk, we need to clap for ourselves when we achieve something. 

However, there is a thin line between thinking highly of ourselves and acknowledging that the gifts we have come from God. If you’re unable to identify this thin line, you will often end up being proud, either consciously or unconsciously.

Pride is excessive esteem that makes us think highly of ourselves and belittle others for who they are and what they have achieved.

The opposite of pride is humility.

2. Envy

Envy! Have you been a victim? Maybe you have envied someone’s designer bag, high fashion dress, how they’re book smart, or how their hair doesn’t freeze, especially during winter.  

Envy is an emotion that occurs when a person lacks another’s superior quality, achievement, or possession. It can be very subtle; sometimes, we do almost without thinking that we are envious.

Case Scenario:

Peter: Good Morning, Jack. I’ve just heard that Sally has been promoted to Assistant H.R.

Jack: Good Morning, Peter. What? She joined just the other day, and now she’s promoted? I guess it’s because she’s friends with the manager and loves his attention!

Peter: Yes, you’re right! She has no skills to be an assistant H.R. It’s unfair. 

Peter and Jack are envious of Sally, who got a promotion at work. They are jealous of her achievement and growth in the company.

Believe it or not, it is one of the deadly sins!

3. Wrath

Wrath is vengeful, solid anger or hatred towards another person. A lack of self-control often characterizes it. 

We can become consumed by anger that we end up being irrational or immoral. In Christianity, the Bible is very definite regarding rage and how we act upon it.

It warns about vengeance and urges Christians to leave it to God.

4. Gluttony

We all love some good food.

Good food contributes a lot to our moods and mental health. However, this doesn’t mean that we should overeat. Did you know that being gluttonous is a deadly sin in Christianity? A shocking fact there, huh?

A greedy person tends to over-indulge and lacks self-restraint in food and drinks. They lack self-control, contentment, and discernment to know that they don’t need more food!

5. Lust

You are walking down the street in Los Angeles, there are hundreds of people, and you notice a handsome young man dressed in black pants, leather sandals, white shirt that is halfway up buttoned.

You immediately develop an uncontrolled desire for the young man and start creating picture scenarios in your mind. You even forget that you were headed to the store to get the latest movies. Have you experienced such before? This is what we refer to as lust.

Lust is an uncontrolled sexual desire for someone that leads a person to see the other as an object for own gratification and pleasure.

6. Greed

Honestly, how many people have you come across someone who said, “I’ve earned more than enough wealth, I’ll just give up the rest of my money to charity.” 

The chances of this happening, especially to an average person trying their best to make ends meet, are close to zero. People are always on the hunt to get more wealth, and in the midst of all that, they slowly begin to crossover to the greedy land.

Greed is an insatiable desire for more that makes us overlook what we already have and even forget to set aside a share for other people.

7. Sloth

Whether you know what the word “sloth” means or not, it is certainly a word that you do not want to associate with.

It just doesn’t look pleasing at all!

Unlike the other deadly sins, which are sins of committing, sloth is a sin of omitting responsibilities or pretty much being lazy.

Biblically, slothfulness is equated to wastage of time, resources, and abilities, which is condemned by God.


No human being is perfect, especially when doing what is right and avoiding sin.

With the above sins that we have expounded on, you now know better, and if you come across questions related to deadly sins in religion trivia questions, you’ll surely get them right!

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